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Comillas welcomes thousands of students to the 32nd edition of Aula

The Jesuit university of Madrid presents its academic offer in a year in which it has consolidated its position at the top of the national and international rankings


7 March 2024

Comillas Pontifical University is present at the 32nd edition of the International Student Fair and Educational Offering (Aula), which will be held in Madrid until 10 March 2024. On this occasion, the Jesuit university is presenting its academic offerings in a year in which it has consolidated its position at the top of the national and international rankings in aspects such as educational quality, employability and international mobility. Among the novelties, Comillas presents degrees in two sectors - gastronomy and technology - with high employment prospects at present: the Dual Degree in Business Administration and Management and Gastronomy and Culinary Innovation (E-2 + Gastronomy), and the Degree in Translation, Interpreting and Language Technologies (TITLE).

Dolores Rodríguez Melchor, lecturer in the Department of Translation, Interpreting and Multilingual Communication at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (Comillas CIHS), assures that the language technologies sector "is one of the most promising today due to its high demand in the labour market". The lecturer explains that in the TITLE Degree, students learn to master automatic translation systems, generative writing, speech recognition and other fascinating linguistic applications, "essential in today's globalised society, immersed in a new technological era of unprecedented international communication".

For his part, Antonio Obregón, deputy academic director of Madrid Culinary Campus, indicates that E-2 + Gastronomy "prepares students for professional practice in all areas of business and, in addition, deals comprehensively with the relationship between gastronomy, business and agronomy, which makes it a unique degree in the world". With this dual degree, students study both business subjects (Finance, Marketing, Strategy...) and those linked to Gastronomy and Agronomy, which "will enable students to develop in any of the professional opportunities linked to business and, additionally, to all those associated with the world of gastronomy".

The importance of the Humanities for society

Comillas also promotes other subjects that are in high demand in the labour market. The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Philosophy, FIPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics), Social Work and Translation and Interpreting, continue to provide reflection and subjects that are necessary for today's society. "Philosophy provides skills for the critical analysis of society", says Ricardo Pinilla, lecturer at the Philosophy degree, who affirms that it is an excellent option not only for those who have just finished their Baccalaureate studies, but also as something that complements the training of university graduates".

Philosophy is one of the pillars of FIPE, a degree that many European politicians have, and which also trains in the field of Sociology and International Relations. "It is an interdisciplinary training that favours decision-making and the exercise of responsibility from a viewpoint that could not be achieved with the participation of only one or a small number of disciplines. It takes advantage of the wide experience and the recognised academic and research quality of the Comillas, Deusto and La Salle universities", say those in charge of the programme.

At Comillas, Social Work has a tradition of training professionals since the 1950's, one of the longest and most extensive in our country, "a profession that is increasingly necessary, which promotes the development of people and communities, and contributes to facing the socio-economic and healthcare challenges and problems generated by a world in constant change", says Jorge Uroz, Director of the Department of Sociology and Social Work at Comillas, who emphasises that the degree "is characterised by a solid theoretical-practical training, with 500 hours of external internships in public and/or private facilities in different areas of professional activity".

Other options that Comillas offers are studies with Business Analytics - focused on all those who are thinking about Data Analysis or Applied Mathematics - in degrees and dual degrees such as Bachelor in Business Analytics; Dual Degree in Business Analytics/Business Analytics and International Relations (E-6 Analytics); Dual Degree in Business Analytics/Business Analytics and Law (E-3 Analytics) or Dual Degree in Engineering in Telecommunication Technologies, and Business Analytics/Business Analytics (GITT+BA).

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