Dual Degree Program in International Relations (Bilingual) and International Communication / Bachelor's Degree in Global Communication.

This dual degree prepares the leaders of the future.

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22/11/2018 - 30/04/2020

40 places available

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Open days: 21/03/2020

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5 years

350 ECTS



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Bilingüe English

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"These studies provide the basis for working in Diplomacy, International Political Management and Foreign Trade"

What is the Dual Degree in International Relations and Bachelor's Degree in Global Communication?

In this era of globalization, the Bachelor's Degree in International Relations – Bachelor's Degree in Global Communication (RRII-COM) will provide you with a broad base to successfully carry out professional activities in areas such as Diplomacy, International Political Management, Strategic Communication and sections in Transnational Companies.

Around 80% of the teaching in the Dual Degree in International Relations and Bachelor's Degree in Global Communication is carried out in English, but this degree goes further, and offers a complete multilingual experience, in which you will also be trained in two other global languages (French, German, Arabic, Portuguese or Chinese). You will study for the third year of your education abroad - in one of the most prestigious universities in the world - and you will have the option of carrying out a second international period of exchange for six months. During the summer months between the third and fourth year of studies, you will spend one month in Brussels, in order to get to know, in detail, the functioning of European Union institutions. All of this comes with a perfect combination of knowledge and skills (soft skills), and a high component of external internships, fully orientated to the needs of the global labor market.

These studies combine knowledge, 'soft skills' and four international languages.

In addition, to provide you with a competitive advantage, in the last two years of your studies you will broaden your training and strengthen your employability by choosing one of the three Official Options for Specialization in the field of International Relations offered by these studies as a differentiating feature (Economics and Business, Law and Diplomacy, or Foreign Policy and International Security).

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Professional Internships

Percentage of students who complete at least 500 hours of regulated practices during their studies.

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Percentage of employed graduates of the University.

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Percentage of recently graduated students from the Degree who participated in student exchange programs throughout their studies.

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Integral formation

Number of hours dedicated to the development of soft skills.



Student satisfaction

Percentage of alumni of the university who would recommend studying for the degree.

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Success rate

Percentage of credits passed in courses during the academic year by students enrolled in the Degree.

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With this double degree you will be able to work in a global environment

Heike Pintor Professor at Comillas CIHS

All you need to know


Admissions Process


Visit the Faculty in which these studies are offered on University Open Day. Attendance is not mandatory, but potential candidates are encouraged to learn about the Faculty, see the facilities, and obtain additional information. Comillas CIHS Open Days will be held on Saturday, March 21, 2019 at 10: 00 h. For further information see Open Days.

Apply for admission. The process starts via the web, once the candidate has decided on the degree which will be studied. There you'll find all the information you need. The deadline for submitting applications is from November 22, 2019 to April 30, 2020. If you wish, you may apply for scholarships and grants from the University at the same time as applying for admission.

Procedure to sit for entrance exams. Candidates will be called to sit for the entrance exams that will be held on February 29, 2020 (for applications received before February 25 and for those whose first option is International Relations – Global Communication), or on May 8 and 9, 2020. The criteria for selection that are evaluated for admission to the degree are the following: the average grade of the academic transcript (25%), an exam on general knowledge (7.5%), an exam on knowledge of current international events (7.5%), a Spanish Language exam (30%), and an English Language exam (30%).

Notifications and legal requirements for university access. At the end of May, candidates will be notified concerning the decision on admission to the studies for which the application was made. Having been admitted does not exempt candidates from proving that they meet the legal requirements for access to the university. Fulfilling these requirements is a step necessary to begin studies at the university.

Complete the registration process. Once admitted, the student must complete the registration process. The procedure is initiated via the web, but it is necessary to submit the registration form and the additional documentation to the General Registrar´s Office before the end of June.


Important Dates

  • Submission of applications: November 22, 2019 to April 30, 2020.
  • Open Day: March 21, 2020 at 10:00 h.
  • Information Sessions: November 22, 2019, January 24 and April 24, 2020.
  • Classes begin on: September 1, 2020.


Applicant Profile/Requirements and Documentation

  • Procedure to sit for entrance exams

  • These studies are aimed at those individuals interested in current events in the world, in international politics, in understanding how our globalized world works, in knowing other countries and their cultures and in being able to communicate with them, as well as with the following profile:

  • Students looking for a professional career in an international environment , possibly outside of Spain.

  • Individuals interested in communication in a broad , international and strategic sense (business, institutional, political communication ... also more specifically orientated to journalism or advertising).

  • Those who have a high level in English and an interest in perfecting or learning two additional foreign languages (to choose two languages from German, Arabic, Chinese, French and Portuguese).


Information on Financial Aid, Grants and Scholarships


Course fees: € 1,564.50 plus nine monthly installments of € 1,337.55 each.

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Contact Information


Information and Student Welcome Office

C/ Alberto Aguilera, 21 - 28015 Madrid

Tel.: 91 540 61 32 - Fax: 91 559 65 69


Office hours: From Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 13:30 h
Monday to Thursday from 15:30 to 17:30


To Apply for Admission


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Application for admission

Who are you going to study with and what are you going to learn

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Curricullum 2020

Subjects of the Diploma in Personal, Communicative, and Professional Skills

1st Year (75 ECTS)
1st Term
Introduction to International Relations 6.0 ECTS  
History of Political Ideas 6.0 ECTS  
Communication Theory 6.0 ECTS  
Strategic Communication: Persuasion vs. Information 3.0 ECTS  
Personal Skills 3.0 ECTS  
2nd Term
History of International Relations 6.0 ECTS  
Economic Approaches for International Relations 6.0 ECTS  
Digital Communication 6.0 ECTS  
Strategic Communication Skills: Discourse Analysis 3.0 ECTS  
Annual Subjects
Communicating Strategically in English I 10.0 ECTS  
Third Global Language I 10.0 ECTS  
Fourth Global Language I 10.0 ECTS  
2nd Year (77 ECTS)
1st Term
Regional Studies I 6.0 ECTS  
Global Complexity Analysis I: Research Methods 6.0 ECTS  
Multimedia Production 6.0 ECTS  
Media in a Global Environment 6.0 ECTS  
Strategic Communication Skills: Framing, Writing & Storytelling 3.0 ECTS  
2nd Term
Comparative Political Systems 6.0 ECTS  
Global Complexity Analysis I: Data and information analysis 6.0 ECTS  
Introduction to Religious Doctrine 3.0 ECTS  
Marketing, Reputation, Branding 6.0 ECTS  
Strategic Communication Skills: Persuasive Rhetoric & Public Speaking 3.0 ECTS  
Annual Subjects
International Public Law 6.0 ECTS  
Third Global Language II 10.0 ECTS  
Fourth Global Language II 10.0 ECTS  
3rd Year (67 ECTS) Year of exchange abroad
1st Term
Regional Studies II 6.0 ECTS  
Regional Studies III 3.0 ECTS  
International Organisations 3.0 ECTS  
Intercultural Communication 6.0 ECTS  
2nd Term
Regional Studies IV 3.0 ECTS  
Regional Studies: The United States 6.0 ECTS  
Public Relations & Advertising 6.0 ECTS  
Institutional Communication 6.0 ECTS  
Annual Subjects
International Political Economy 6.0 ECTS  
Third Global Language III 10.0 ECTS  
Summer program in Brussels / Strasbourg
European Union Instutions and Policies 6.0 ECTS  
Regional Studies: Europe 6.0 ECTS  

Students will study, in 2nd and 3rd year, subjects corresponding to six geopolitical areas:

Regional Studies
Regional Studies: Europe (3rd) 6.0 ECTS  
Regional Studies: The United States (3rd) 6.0 ECTS  
Regional Studies I (2nd) 6.0 ECTS  
Regional Studies II (3rd) 6.0 ECTS  
Regional Studies III (3rd) 3.0 ECTS  
Regional Studies IV (3rd) 3.0 ECTS  
Subjects corresponding to "Regional Studies I-IV"
Africa in the 21st Century: Post-Colonialism and Modernity  
Asia: History, Culture and Politics  
Politics and Society in the Middle East  
Latin America: past and political future  
4th Year (73 ECTS)
1º Cuatrimestre
International Security Principles and Policy 6.0 ECTS  
Trade and International Investments 4.5 ECTS  
Foreign Policy of Spain 3.0 ECTS  
Analysis in International Politics 4.5 ECTS  
Elective Subject of Mention - International Relation 4.5 ECTS  
Introduction to Public Opinion and Audience Analysis 3.0 ECTS  
2nd Term
Christian Social Thought 3.0 ECTS  
Corporate Communication 6.0 ECTS  
Integrated Communications Planning 3.0 ECTS  
Elective Subject of Mention - International Relation 4.5 ECTS  
Strategic Communication Skills: Organizational Management & Planning 3.0 ECTS  
Entrepreneurship and professional development 2.0 ECTS  
Annual Subjects
Fourth Global Language III 10.0 ECTS  
Internships in International Relations 6.0 ECTS  
Third Global Language IV 10.0 ECTS  
5th Year (73-74.5 ECTS)
1º Cuatrimestre
International Development Cooperation 6.0 ECTS  
Political Communication and Public Affairs 6.0 ECTS  
Crisis Communication 3.0 ECTS  
External Internship - Comunication 6.0 ECTS  
Strategic Communication Skills: Leadership & Decision Making 3.0 ECTS  
2nd Term
Professional Ethics 3.0 ECTS  
Final Degree Project - International Relations 6.0 ECTS  
Seminar on international current affairs I 3.0 ECTS  
Event Management and Protocol 3.0 ECTS  
Bachelor Thesis - Comunication 6.0 ECTS  
Annual Subjects
Elective Subjects of Mention - International Relations 18.0 ECTS  
Fourth Global Language IV 10.0 ECTS  
Official Mentions in International Relations (4th and 5th year)
Economy and business
4th Year
Marketing Foundations on an International Environment 4.5 ECTS  
International Business Management 4.5 ECTS  
Spanish Economy in globalization 4.5 ECTS  
5th Year
Economic Development and Growth 3.0 ECTS  
European Union Economics 3.0 ECTS  
International Business Strategy 4.5 ECTS  
International Financial Markets 4.5 ECTS  
International Economic Organizations 3.0 ECTS  
Law and diplomacy
4th Year
Foundations of Public Law 4.5 ECTS  
Private law institutions 4.5 ECTS  
International Protocol 3.0 ECTS  
5th Year
Diplomatic and Consular Law 3.0 ECTS  
Private International Law 4.5 ECTS  
International Commercial Law 4.5 ECTS  
Human Rights and its International Protection 4.5 ECTS  
Diplomacy: History, Theory and Practice 3.0 ECTS  
Foreign Policy and International Security
4th Year
Geopolitics 4.5 ECTS  
International Protocol 3.0 ECTS  
Religion and Power in International Affairs 4.5 ECTS  
5th Year
International Conflict Analysis, Management and Resolution 3.0 ECTS  
Human Rights and its International Protection 4.5 ECTS  
Environment and Sustainability 3.0 ECTS  
Foreign Policy of the European Union 3.0 ECTS  
Peace processes 3.0 ECTS  
International Terrorism 3.0 ECTS  
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Comprehensive and Professional Training


One of the fundamental objectives of the university is to provide a well-rounded education for students throughout their Undergraduate Studies. For this purpose, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (Comillas CIHS) has incorporated two diplomas for personal and professional development into its programs, adapted to the real needs of the students, and framed within the rest of activities aimed at comprehensive training: The Diploma in Communicative Skills and the Foreign Languages Studies and the Diploma in Personal, Communicative, and Professional Skills.

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