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Official Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering
+ Master's Degree in Smart Industry

This combined master's program, consisting of the Master's in Industrial Engineering (MII) and the Master's in Connected Industry (MIC), provides the generalist skills of an industrial engineer, while at the same time providing specific training in the new industrial context resulting from the digitalisation of industry. The combination of academic rigour and practical experience in real projects will make it possible to respond with solvency to the new challenges facing companies(machine learning, big data, IoT, cloud communications, digital manufacturing, cybersecurity...).

General information

What does this master's degree consist of?

The Master's program in Industrial Engineering and Connected Industry has been designed to develop the skills and abilities of both degrees in two years. The increased course load requires a high capacity for organisation, study and work, an effort that is permanently guided by lecturers and tutors.

Leading the process of digital transformation of industry

Designed to develop the skills of both degrees, students who obtain this double degree, in addition to being able to join the ICAI National College of Engineers and practice the legally regulated profession of industrial engineer, will be natural leaders in the process of digital transformation of industry.

  • Centers
    Ingeniería (Comillas ICAI)
  • Languages
    English, Spanish
  • Certification
    Másteres oficiales Ingeniería Industrial
  • Modality
    Face to face
  • Duration
    2 years (153 ECTS)
  • Starts On
  • Seats

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Specific training on the new industrial context is acquired.

Study Plan


Professional projection.

  • Responsible for industrial projects

  • Resp. of large industrial installations

  • Digital Transformation Directorate

  • General, technical, strategic or technological dir.

  • Dir. of planning, quality, production or environmental management

  • R&D&I

  • Consultant and advisor

  • Head of multidisciplinary or international teams

José Portela
Teacher MII+MIC

With this program you can lead the digitisation of the industry.



Work Placements

We prepare you for your future and introduce you to the real world with comprehensive work experience training.


International mobility programs

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Everything you need to know

Chair of Connected Industry

Our contribution to the digital transformation of Spanish industry.

The Higher Technical School of Engineering (Comillas ICAI), with the collaboration of a group of relevant industrial and technological companies, has considered it appropriate to create the Chair in Connected Industry, making it a privileged environment from which to try to give coherence to the studies, developments, training and dissemination actions that facilitate the digital transformation of Spanish industry.

Quality and regulations

Information on quality and official degree regulations.

Comillas ICAI.

Calle Alberto Aguilera, 25.

The tradition of the School of Engineering (Comillas ICAI) in the training of engineers began in Madrid in 1908. Today, Comillas ICAI is a polytechnic school whose academic activity focuses on Industrial and Telecommunications Engineering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Because Comillas studies are in high demand and places are limited, the best candidates have to be selected through admission tests.

  • Each class has its own tutor, whose function is to integrate the student into the group and to pay attention to their academic performance. Furthermore, at Comillas, the teaching system is distinguished, among other characteristics, by the personalised attention and the fluid and permanent relationship between teachers and students.

  • The teaching system at Comillas is especially oriented towards the relationship with the reality of companies, institutions, organisations and professional practice. The Internship and Employment Office is responsible for providing students with internships related to their studies in order to enrich their training. In the 2017-18 academic year, 6,296 student internships were managed in companies.
    In addition to these internships managed by the Internship and Employment Office, all degree courses have a significant number of compulsory external internships as part of their curriculums.

  • The Internship and Employment Office informs, guides and collaborates in the insertion in the labour market of recent graduates or in the projection of the professional career of Comillas graduates, for which it has an online tool that puts candidates in direct contact with 5,078 companies with which Comillas maintains a relationship. During the 2017-18 academic year, 1,838 job offers were managed. Of the total number of graduates from the 2018 graduating class, 93.22% are employed, either working or furthering their studies, within six months of completing their studies.

Prospective Students Office

C/ Alberto Aguilera, 21 - 28015 Madrid

Tel.: 91 540 61 32
Fax: 91 559 65 69


Consult the opening hours.

Responsables del programa:
MII Director: Damián Laloux Dallemagne
MIC Director: Bernardo Villazán
MIC Coordinator: Jaime Boal