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Through internship or job offers we facilitate the training of our students through internships in companies or associations both nationally and internationally. In order to set up an internship programme, an Educational Cooperation Agreement is signed between the University and the company, and then annexes are signed for each student who undertakes an internship.

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You can post an internship or job offer from the company login.

If your company is not registered, you must first register your company and then log in and create the offer.


Access to the Students and Alumni Portal

Welcome to our internship and job portals, an indispensable tool for our university community. These portals offer our students and alumni a centralised platform to explore internship and employment opportunities.

To access the portal you need to use your Comillas email address and the password you currently have to access the intranet.

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Other documents of interest

Documents of interest

Consult the legislation on work placements and model agreements.

Work placements respond to the need to complement students' training with a direct approach to business reality. In any case, placements in companies must be part of a broader collaboration agreement between the university and companies. In this sense, Comillas Pontifical University maintains permanent cooperation programmes with public and private institutions, public administration bodies and private companies of recognised prestige, for the exercise of all those activities conducive to favouring and participating in the practical dimension of the studies carried out by the students. This collaboration is reflected in the numerous Educational Cooperation Agreements signed by this Institution.

International Internships

You can contact José Ramón Muñoz if you are interested in doing an international internship by sending an email to mailto:jrmunoz@comillas.edu.