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The Law Clinic wins the 1st Pro Bono España Challenge

A group of students wins a competition to set up a legal advice project for senior citizens on reverse mortgages

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12 February 2024

Four students from Comillas have won the first edition of the Pro Bono España Challenge with a project called "Dignidad en la jubilación: hacia un marco regulatorio de la hipoteca inversa centrado en personas mayores". The prize will be to implement it in the coming months with the advice and support of several law firms belonging to the Fundación Pro Bono España, which helps social organisations by facilitating access to law and justice, and which is responsible for promoting this call.

"The students had to present a written project and a video explaining what their pro bono proposal consisted of", explains Isabel Lázaro, director of the Legal Clinic of the Faculty of Law (Comillas ICADE), who is very proud of the result of the university students who study Law and FIPE. The four of them - Mónica Encinas, Jaime Iglesias, Máximo Puebla and Maite Tormo, who have been tutored by Pilar Navau, lecturer in Tax Law at Comillas ICADE - are now trying to develop a legal proposal and fill the legal gaps that exist with a type of mortgage in which banks pay a monthly amount to homeowners over the age of 65 that complements their income and that, after the death, the heirs of the deceased can inherit the property, After death, the heirs have the option of repaying the full amount owed, cancelling the mortgage by selling the house or keeping the house by cancelling the debt.

"We try to ensure that the elderly are not ripped off", agree the four students, who confess that they signed up for the Legal Clinic "because we wanted to explore a much more social side of Law, to give a bit of dynamism to our knowledge and to be able to help people with what we know and what we don't know, because for this project we had to explore on our own things that we had no idea about until we set out to do it".

From the Fundación Pro Bono España "we congratulate the team of students from Comillas, for the very high level of the proposal formulated; the extraordinary work of research, both at a comparative level and in Spain, as well as for their enormous motivation and social commitment".

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