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Governing Artificial Intelligence, a subject in search of excellence and confidence

ICAI Initiative on the Next Generation Industry (NgInd) organised a session focused on boosting AI for research and industrial capacity, while ensuring security and fundamental rights.


5 February 2024

New technological realities are changing and evolving at an almost daily pace, especially in the field of artificial intelligence. In order to keep up to date on this subject and share different points of view on the advances it is undergoing, Comillas ICAI Initiative on the Next Generation Industry organised a session for professionals and students to share the different approaches that are currently being taken on AI.

During this meeting, moderated by Bernardo Villazán, Director of Comillas ICAI Nglnd, four experts directly linked to the chain of use that is formed around artificial intelligence participated.

First, Cristina Mesa, partner at Garrigues and participant in the Garrigues Chair in Modernisation of Company Law at ICADE Comillas, spoke about the law approved in December by the European Union and its impact. Mesa pointed out that this regulation "has a very clear objective, which is to protect the fundamental rights of European citizens against the use of tools based on artificial intelligence and to do so without these measures being a burden for innovation".

Then, Nuria Ávalos, CEO of IndesIA, explained how the mission of the association, through its member companies, is to try to share knowledge about AI and generate different tools for Spanish industrial SMEs to accelerate its use. Ávalos listed the three main resources that the consortium has generated to help small companies: sharing catalogues of use cases, creating training itineraries and generating data infrastructures.

"I want to demystify that in artificial intelligence you have to do big things. No, you have to do things and in small steps that may later allow you to go even further". Tomás Álvarez, co-director of the Endesa Chair in Artificial Intelligence Applications for Data-Driven Maintenance, explained the different advances that his team has been making and the progress, as he himself explains that has allowed him to reach the point where he is today.

The last turn of the round table was taken by Álvaro López, co-director of Artificial Intelligence PRO at the Graduate School and Lifelong Learning, who, from the researcher's point of view, explained the resistance and restrictions that are perceived when exploring new horizons.

The EU's approach to artificial intelligence is clear: focus on excellence and trust. As was discussed in this session, there is more than one stakeholder involved in boosting research and industrial capacity in this area, so the sharing of views and success stories is key to building the digital ecosystem of the future.

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