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Vulnerability. The depth and grandeur of the wounded body

Professor Javier de la Torre, PhD, from the Faculty of Theology, gave this conference at the University of Navarra

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Prof. Javier de la Torre, PhD, during his lecture (U. of Navarra photo)

12 April 2024

Last Tuesday, April 9, 2024, the Professor of the Faculty of Theology, Javier de la Torre, PhD, was the speaker in charge of energizing the seminar organized by the Group 'Science, Reason and Faith' of the University of Navarra.

With the participation of students and professors from the University of Navarra and, in particular, from its Ecclesiastical Faculties, Professor de la Torre gave his lecture entitled "Vulnerability. The depth and greatness of the wounded body". In it, he dealt with the anthropology of vulnerability, its meaning and vital implication, through the cultural, social and anthropological dimensions, affecting every person. De la Torre explained that vulnerability allows for the experience of emotions, corporeality, bonding, hospitality and equal rights.

In addition, during the event, the book Corporality, technology and the desire for salvation was presented. Apuntes para una antropología de la vulnerabilidad, published by Dykinson.

Professor Javier de la Torre Díaz, Director of the Department of Moral Theology and Praxis of Christian Life, holds a PhD in Law and is a recognised expert in Moral Theology, Bioethics and the public life of religion.

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