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Can lasting peace in Gaza be achieved through the use of force?

The seventh edition of the José Pignatelli Debating Tournament on International Affairs brings out the oratory skills of our students


5 March 2024

The auditorium of the Cantoblanco campus hosted the final of the seventh edition of the historic José Pignatelli Debating Tournament on International Affairs. A championship that had as its main focus the question: Can lasting peace in Gaza be achieved through the use of force?

After a hard-fought preliminary phase, held both at the Alberto Aguilera 23 and Cantoblanco, among the different groups that entered the tournament, the team formed by Rodrigo Sánchez-Bleda Urbiola, E-5 FIPE student (Dual Degree in Law and Philosophy, Politics and Economics), and Alberto García Chaparro, E5 RRII (Dual Degree in Law and International Relations) and the team made up of Ignacio Vázquez-Guillén Rey and Valerio Pérez de Madrid Laguna, E-3 students (Degree in Law and Business Administration and Management), who reached the grand final.

Sánchez-Bleda and García defended their position against the use of force and Vázquez-Guillén and Pérez were the ones to support the use of force. With solid arguments, rebuttals and a clear exposition of their evidence, each team defended their position.

However, as in any competition, there could only be one winner, and that was the team of Rodrigo Sánchez-Bleda and Alberto García Chaparro.

Always debating with respect and displaying great argumentation and active listening skills, our students have once again demonstrated their potential.

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