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200,000 engineers wanted until 2033

Indra's chairman puts a figure on the huge need for engineers over the next ten years


11 October 2023

In the next ten years, Spain will need a good number of professionals in many fields, but engineers are the ones who will have the most opportunities. "In the next decade there will be a shortage of 200,000 engineers", said the Chairman of Indra, Marc Murtra, during the series of Breakfast Meetings with CEOs organised by the Chair of Connected Industry at Comillas ICAI. During his speech, Murtra said that "the type of country we will be depends a lot on how much we invest in technological training, and this has a lot to do with the quality and quantity of engineers we are able to train".

This has to do with the university, with talent and with people, "which is why the role of universities is so important", said Murtra, whose speech focused on aspects related to technology and strategy. The need to "become a benchmark country depends on the investment we make in R&D&I to achieve the necessary technological training while at the same time simplifying industrial processes".

This is where talent comes into play. "This is the most important thing that universities have to pass on to their students and that is why continuous training throughout their professional careers is so important," said Murtra. "Genius does not arise spontaneously, but is the result of years of dedication and effort," he said, while recalling that "the most important thing is people, technology is a commodity".

The meeting brought together representatives of all the companies that make up the Chair in Connected Industry, as well as the Rector of Comillas, Enrique Sanz, SJ, who welcomed the attendees and assured that Indra has the same internationalisation values as the university.

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