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Before taking part in the Vuela Program, students must attend training sessions

Before taking part in the Vuela Program, students must attend training sessions

13 March 2023

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Coming from UNIJES universities and universities from Italy, Portugal and Slovakia, more than a hundred students are preparing to participate in the 2023 Vuela University Volunteer Program projects. For two weekends, our students get together for mandatory training sessions before departing and living the reality of the project in which they will collaborate as volunteers.

The first training session took place in Mohernando (Guadalajara) where they were able to discuss and reflect in group dynamics, and individually, on different subjects that the specialists and experts from their universities brought up, including contextual training: human rights, development, poverty and social justice; training on volunteering: responsibility, attitudes, skills and competences; and specific training on particular projects. “Sometimes you change your mind about ideas or perspectives you did not conceive or did not think were that important. I think this makes you improve as someone who wants to help society” says Aritz Llamosas, student of the Double Degree in BMA + Law at the University of Deusto.

These intense sessions are divided into workshops and teamwork, something the students value. “I feel that all we are learning right now, to include you and remind you of who you are, with the objective of preparing you to go to a place, is very important. I think that, without all the training they are giving us, we would not be prepared enough for the volunteer program” says Marta Gómez, student of Psychology and Criminology at Comillas CIHS. Along with students from other universities, Marta is part of a group of students that want to use their knowledge to create a positive impact on society. Just like Fernanda Duarte, student of Politics and Economics at ESADE: “at university, they teach us a thousand ways to change things, but I would like to do something with my knowledge, put it into practice and be able to help with the little we have. And learn”.

“In these sessions, we create environments that favour reflective, transformative learning. We want to teach our students to be to diversity and to commit themselves to justice and solidarity, focusing on the others. We also want to support them in the development of their competencies and skills, which will make their social intervention more successful” says Carlos Prieto, director of Comillas Solidaria. The Vuela program has thirty-six projects spread through Europe, Africa and South America. The volunteers come from the University of Deusto, Comillas Pontifical University, ESADE, Loyola University, LUMSA University, Catholic University of Portugal and Matej Bel University. María Martín, student of International Relations at Layola University values this opportunity offered by her university: “it is something that marks our education and has an impact on the values we are taught on a daily basis”.

“Most of all, we want to prepare the volunteers so that this experience becomes part of a committed life project, as the university’s intention is to educate the best people for the world” says Carlos. Next weekend, the training will take place in Orduña (Vizcaya). After that, when the academic year ends, these students will depart to fulfil this beautiful and kind task of learning to be men and women for others.

Comillas Solidaria
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