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La Juventud Atracada

José Ignacio Conde-Ruiz brought his book to our students in a session full of intergenerational references


15 April 2024

Almost 100 students at Comillas attended the presentation of the book "La juventud atracada", by one of its authors, José Ignacio Conde-Ruiz. During the event, which was presented by Antonio Javier Ramos, lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (Comillas ICADE), Conde Ruiz not only explained his work but also contextualised the students on the socio-political situation of the different generations.

"The collective consciousness of Generation Z is being shaped by today's digitally interconnected world" said Conde-Ruiz. In a speech, full of intergenerational artistic references from Taylor Swift, Vetusta Morla, Carolina Durante and Miguel Ríos, the author reasoned the political irrelevance of some young people and the corresponding electoral ageing.

The expectations and future employment of generation Z was another of the key points of the presentation. Conde-Ruiz spoke about the problems of rents and the emancipation of young people, job insecurity, public debt and pensions. Topics of vital importance for our students, who resolved their doubts in a round of questions.

José Ignacio ended his speech by assuring that "if young people are listened to, measures that improve productivity will be at the top of the political agenda". Active listening will undoubtedly be a key factor in the social future of the new generations.


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