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Summer Course: Introduction to Conference Interpreting

This introductory course in Conference Interpreting aims to familiarise participants with the interpreting profession and its work in consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, through an eminently practical methodology with the guidance and orientation of professional interpreters who are also interpreter trainers. At the end of this course, participants will have sufficient tools to assess whether they wish to take on the challenge of studying for a Master's Degree in Conference Interpreting.

Dates: From June 17th to June 21st, 2024.

Business management course
Business management course

Why study this course?

  • You will firsthand experience what the conference interpretation job market is like.
  • You will learn about the techniques, methods and fields in which these professionals work on a daily basis.
  • You will be tested in consecutive and simultaneous interpreting by interpreting speeches from different speakers.

A diploma will be awarded by the University!

Course description

  • Duration: 1 week (20 hours).
  • Credits: 2 ECTS.
  • Language: Spanish or English.
  • Venue: Interpreting laboratories 207-B and 208-B / Comillas CIHS - Cantoblanco Campus.
  • Prerequisites: No previous knowledge of translation or interpreting is required, but it is necessary to have a solid knowledge of both English and Spanish (at least one of these languages must be your mother tongue and in the other, good level at speaking and comprehension skills ).
  • Enrolment: to do so, please contact (comillas.internacional@comillas.edu)
  • Registration deadline: until May 15th.
  • Price: 400 Euros. Early Bird Discount until April 15th: 20% off the course price.


Comillas Pontifical University does not have its own accommodation, but offers alternative accommodation options for students of the university.

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