Comillas Pontifical University does not have its own accommodation, but it does offer alternative accommodation options for students of the university, for which you will find all the information below.


Comillas Pontifical University does not have its own accommodation, but it does offer alternative accommodation options for students of the university, for which you will find all the information below.


Comillas Pontifical University welcomes you and thanks you for the trust you place in our educational institution. We hope and wish that this new stage of university studies will be a positive and enriching experience for you.

Our University does not have its own Residence Hall for students. This page indicates some criteria and offers you sufficient and updated information so that you can organise the search and selection of your accommodation in Madrid.

It is an important decision. Therefore, check this information; consult and try to visit the Schools and Residences so that you and your family can make the right decision, which meets your expectations and inspires confidence in you.

It is very important that you do not fail to inform yourself and make your application as soon as possible; the registration deadlines are open from April to June in most cases. We recommend that you apply to several schools to avoid being left without a place. Don't forget that in order to be admitted, you will usually be asked to submit your academic transcript and to attend a personal interview.

It is also essential that you consider the distances in Madrid and the means of transport that can overcome this difficulty. For this reason, it is advisable that you consider the indications that we offer you below regarding each centre

If at any time you need any guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone on 915 406 132 or by email at futurosalumnos@comillas.edu.

The first thing you should be clear about is the difference between a Hall of Residence and a University Hall of Residence.

The Colegios Mayores are centres that provide accommodation for students and supervise the cultural, scientific and sporting education of university residents. There are many Colegios Mayores located in the University City and its surroundings, others are located in the northern area. Almost all of them have extensive facilities. They admit only university students, mostly undergraduates and, in some cases, postgraduates, who study a wide range of subjects. Some Colleges are recognised cultural centres. They have all kinds of associations, clubs and educational, leisure and free time activities, sports facilities,... In the case of male Colleges, it is advisable to ask for guarantees from the Centre with regard to "hazing".

The Residence Halls try to respond to the need for quality accommodation for students who travel from their home cities to study at university in Madrid. The main objective of a university residence hall is to create the right environment for concentration, promotion and personal development.

There are few Male Residence Halls; however, in the case of Female Residence Halls, the offer is very wide, therefore, you must try to select very well among those that we present to you and inform yourself conveniently about their characteristics.

When deciding on one College/Residence or another, you should consider your expectations and the quality/price ratio:

- Possibility of living in single/double rooms with or without bathroom...
- Facilities and equipment for study. Internet access...
- Services such as laundry, showers, ironing facilities, meals...
- Other facilities and services...
- Pre-registration or place reservation fees and frequency of payments.
- Complementary/extraordinary activities.
- Meal times/closing times.
- Dining room operation at weekends.

The best advice we can give you is that you or your family come personally to choose the school/residence. If you know an institution that you trust or you have an acquaintance in a school or residence, they can guide you in your decision. We hope that our indications will be useful to you and will help you to make the best possible choice.

Our locations

Residence Halls

Coexist programme
Coexist programme

International programme Convive.

This intergenerational and solidarity initiative is based on the coexistence of elderly people living alone and university students. The programme enables an encounter that is intended to be enriching for both parties.

Coexist programme
Coexist programme


ERASMUSPLAY is an online comparator of student accommodation, which brings together a wide range of rooms, flats and flatshares in a single website. You can view the information.



The Accommodation Provider, Innfamily.com, will provide students of Comillas Pontifical University (Universidad Pontificia Comillas) with a 30% discount on the requested service, using the code provided by the company.

Tel. (+34) 629730993

Postal address: General Oraá 29, 1º Derecha. Madrid, Spain.



Roomless is a leading platform for medium and long-term rentals of premium rooms and flats, with a portfolio of nearly 80,000 properties in major European cities.

Roomless was created as a guarantee for the tenant: we verify each and every listing, so you can rent comfortably with a single click from the site, with total security. In addition, we make it easy for you to find the property that best suits your needs thanks to a dedicated sales team, who will actively propose solutions according to your requirements.

Telephone: +34 919 38 01 45

Specialpromotional code of 10% on the price of the service, mentioning the code ICADE10 to the agent when booking.

Exchange Students

Comillas Pontifical University has established a collaboration agreement with several companies dedicated to providing accommodation information to university students who visit us from different national and international destinations.

Faced with the difficulty of settling in a new city, the relationship with the aforementioned companies has been created, which will undoubtedly provide peace of mind during the process of searching for and managing different accommodation alternatives in Madrid.

Any of the companies offer different services and their own packs (with discounts) for Comillas Pontifical University students. They also provide guidance and orientation on the quality of life in Madrid, tourism, means of transport, cost of living and much more.

To access these discounts, be sure to request the promotional code from the company and always use your Comillas institutional email address.


Email: bookings@lodgerin.com
Tel: (+34) 65 434 93 98
Address: Avenida de Bruselas 7, 28108, Madrid

Students of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas will receive a discount on the service requested by using the code UPCOM24.

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Tel: (+34) 91 543 20 31
Address: C/ Hilarión Eslava nº 12

Students of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas will receive a discount on the service requested with the code provided by the company.

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Tel: (+34) 609448304
Address: Cuesta de Santo Domingo, 4 - Local derecho A

Students of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas will receive a 50% discount on the service requested by using the code COMILLAS50.

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micampus residences

Email: wynwood@micampusliving.com
Tel: (+34) 697 52 85 52
Address: C/ Manuel Tovar 14, 28034, Madrid

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Email: partners@spotahome.com
Address: Calle de Piamonte, 23, 28004, Madrid.

Students of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas will receive a 30% discount on the service requested by using the code ICADE30.

Note: Comillas and Spotahome have no contractual relationship. Persons interested in the services offered by Spotahome will be linked to Spotahome and must accept Spotahome's terms and conditions published on its website.

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Prospective Students Office


Alberto Aguilera, 21 28015 - Madrid 91.540.61.32 futurosalumnos@comillas.edu

Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Monday to Thursday from 3:30 p.m to 5:00 p.m.

The service will be closed on days declared public holidays in the Community of Madrid and local holidays in the municipality of Madrid, as well as on non-working days established in the university calendar.