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"Homosexuality, religious experience and spiritual accompaniment".

Professor Javier de la Torre, PhD, from the Faculty of Theology, and the Alumni of Theology Luis Manuel Pernas publish this book on the paths and challenges

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The book can be purchased from the Publisher's website

15 January 2024

Javier de la Torre Díaz, Professor of the Department of Moral Theology and Praxis of Christian Life at the Faculty of Theology, holds a PhD in Law and is a recognised expert in Moral Theology and applied ethics. Now, together with the former student of the Bachelor in Theology, Luis Manuel Pernas, they have published the book Homosexualidad, experiencia religiosa y acompañamiento espiritual (CCS 2023, ISBN 978-84-1379-193-7).

The following is a summary of the work:

The vocation of the Church is to be Mother. Pope Francis repeated this to the young people who listened to him on 3 August in the Eduardo VII Park in Lisbon, at the welcoming celebration for WYD 2023: "In the Church, there is room for everyone. For everyone. In the Church, no one is superfluous. No one is superfluous. [...] There is room for everyone! All together, each one in his own language repeat after me: All, all, all! Can't be heard, again! All of them. All of them. All. All. And that is the Church, the Mother of all. There is room for everyone. The Lord does not point a finger, but opens his arms. May these pages help so many young people who live their sexual orientation with difficulty to feel that maternal embrace of the Church.

This book is addressed first of all to young people who are searching and full of doubts about their sexual orientation, to young homosexuals who find it difficult to accept and welcome themselves as they are, especially to those who are trying to reconcile their orientation and their faith. Secondly, we wrote this book for educators and pastoral workers who are immersed in or want to begin a journey of accompaniment of young homosexuals and want to have a word to say, in our opinion, balanced and well-founded.

The book can be purchased from the Publisher's website by clicking here.

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