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Meeting of the first Padre Dimo scholarship holders

The 20 students who benefited from the first Dimo scholarships had a meeting with their deans and directors, and participated in the governing board.

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Four of the students who benefited from the Father Dimo Scholarships spoke at the university's governing board.

7 December 2023

The university held a meeting with the first 20 students to benefit from the Padre Dimo Scholarships, where they were able to meet their deans and directors, as well as briefly participate in the subsequent governing board, where they talked about their brief experience with the rector, vice-rectors and student delegates.

These students are the first to benefit from these scholarships, which cover 100% of the cost of undergraduate studies at Comillas. These 20 students have begun their studies at the Comillas ICAI School of Engineering (7), the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (5), the Faculty of Law (4), and the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration(4).

After the meeting, four of the scholarship holders addressed the university's governing board. There, they shared their experiences during these three months, shared how they discovered the scholarships and thanked the university for the opportunity to study at Comillas. The Director of the Oficina de Ayudas al Estudio, Ignacio García, reiterated the importance of the meeting: "The fact that the governing board receives our students with Dimo scholarships is a reflection of the institutional importance of this programme, which supports students who otherwise would not be able to study at Comillas".

The donation campaign for the Padre Dimo scholarships raised the required 200,000 euros in a record time of just three months. A new campaign is now underway to attract new talented students for the next academic year.

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