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How a global investment fund manager works

BlackRock gave a masterclass to students at the Faculty of Law (Comillas ICADE)


15 February 2024

The Faculty of Law (Comillas ICADE) witnessed an exclusive meeting organised by the Centre for Legal Innovation in Law (CID-ICADE) that addressed a fundamental topic in the world of finance: "How a global investment fund manager works: the case of BlackRock".

Students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of asset management and learn first-hand about the inner workings of BlackRock, one of the most influential fund managers in the world.

The seminar featured two exceptional speakers: Alejandro Muñoz Lazaga, director responsible at BlackRock for Iberia, and Clara Ortega Martínez, senior associate of the Client Services team (CEM), also for Iberia. Both, alumni of Comillas and experts in their respective areas, shared valuable knowledge with the students about the operation of asset management and presented BlackRock from two key perspectives: the legal and regulatory aspect, and the client experience.

In addition, the two speakers provided insights into fund selection processes, strategic partnerships, and profiles sought after in the industry, offering a comprehensive view of how a global fund manager operates.

The event was coordinated by Pablo Sanz Bayón, lecturer at the Faculty of Law, and was a unique opportunity for students to enter the world of finance and broaden their professional horizons.

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