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A brilliant season for the Comillas Debating Club

With more than 30 tournaments under its belt, the team has achieved great successes, including qualifying for the finals of the Liga Española de Debate Universitario


7 May 2024

The Comillas Pontifical University Debate Club has closed an exceptionally successful season. With a total of 32 tournaments under their belts, our students have demonstrated enviable skill and cohesion on a national and international level.

Of the competitions played, the club qualified for the final phase of the tournament on 22 occasions, reaching 8 semi-finals and reaching the final in 9 of them. Undoubtedly, these data underline the consistency and high level of preparation of the students. In addition, the individual skill of the speakers was recognised with 21 individual awards throughout the season, highlighting the talent and dedication of each of the participants.

The highlight of the season came with the victory in the City of Alicante Tournament, a triumph that not only stands out for its importance, but also because it qualifies the club for the final phase of the Spanish University Debating League (LEDU) to be held in Melilla in 2024. This achievement is a testament to the hard work and exceptional strategy implemented by the coaches and students.

The club's success not only raises its profile within the university community, but also contributes to the academic prestige of the university, reaffirming its commitment to educational excellence and the integral formation of its students.

The university community looks forward to the next phase of LEDU, where the club will have the opportunity to defend its title and continue to make history in the world of university debate.

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