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Application for the recognition of credits

University students
University students

Students of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees (RD 822/2021)

Students admitted to Comillas Pontifical University may apply for the recognition of credits taken at this or another university.

Recognition of credits is understood to be the acceptance by the university of credits that, having been obtained in official courses of study at this or another university, are calculated in other universities for the purposes of obtaining an official degree.

The application for recognition must be submitted in a single act at the time of the student's first enrolment at this University. It shall include all the previous official studies whose recognition is sought, regardless of the year to which they correspond.


To do so, the following documentation must be submitted to the Academic Management and Qualifications Service (General Secretary's Office) or by email to registrogeneral@comillas.edu,(indicating the student's password and the qualification to which they belong in the subject line of the email and attaching a scanned copy of their ID card/passport):

  • Original full academic transcript or certified photocopies.

  • Copy of the syllabus or reference of publication in the BOE (Official State Gazette).

  • Subject syllabuses stamped by the University where the studies were taken.

  • Document accrediting the student's identity.

It is recommended that before completing the application for the recognition of credits you contact the Head of Studies, Master's Degree Director or Doctoral Programme Coordinator in order to resolve any doubts about the possibilities of recognition.

Related regulations:

Article 91 of the General Regulations, February 2021.