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Breaking down barriers, overcoming challenges and inspiring new generations

Comillas collaborates with Kerastase and the Woman Forward Foundation to host its Power Talks

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12 April 2024

Comillas had the pleasure of collaborating and hosting the first Power Talks session in Spain, an initiative organised by Kerastase together with the Woman Foward Foundation that seeks to close the confidence gap, exploit female potential and empower new generations.

Belén Urosa, Vice Rector of Students and Alumni, opened the meeting by pointing out the importance of sessions like this one and sending an important message to those present: "we are valuable".

After her, the students had the opportunity to listen to the testimonies of two great women. Claudia Constans, sportswoman and creator of content on her FitCoco account recounted her professional and personal journey, from her beginnings studying Business Administration and Management, to refocusing her passion for sport on her current business. Claudia reminded the students that "fear stops you from making decisions" and that the important thing is to face them. Accompanying her was the Paralympic athlete and Comillas alumni, Carmen Giménez, who left the audience speechless after her incredible story of overcoming, which as she says is "a story of verbs".

Next, Marisa Cruzado, founder and CEO of IA+Igual, moderated a round table in which four female executives shared their stories. Cruzado wanted to stress to the presenters that "you have to look inwards and not outwards, you are the ones who have to do things".

Chus Barroso, managing director of BMI Group, opened the table by narrating her journey, from which she started with a clear objective: "I want to be CEO". With a working life, with highs and lows, Barroso never gave up and affirmed that "everything is possible. The career is yours, no one else can manage it." For her part, Ana Biurrun, director of alliances at Demos Lab, launched a message of calm, encouraging the students to know themselves and to seek to do what they are passionate about, because "you can always change." Kione Blasco, executive officer of Global BTS, spoke of the difficulties she had faced in the world of entrepreneurship, encouraging those who are thinking of venturing into entrepreneurship to "be brave and disciplined." Finally,Cristina Ruiz Montesinos, creator of the bridal blog Casilda se Casa, told how her work came to her through a project for the university, which gradually grew, and that by enjoying it and being responsible with it she managed to turn it into her company.

Undoubtedly, the network of women and the sisterhood that is built by sharing testimonies empowers the new generations. Demonstrating, once again, that barriers are there to be broken and that with effort and perseverance, goals can be achieved.

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