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The creation of a Quality Assurance System at Comillas Pontifical University (within the framework of the ANECA AUDIT program), marks a key milestone in the process of certification and accreditation of degrees in Higher Education throughout Europe.


Quality System Design

The design of this system was awarded an overall positive evaluation in December 2013 through the ANECA Certification Commission. This system is applicable to all Centers and official BA, MA and doctorate programs at our University.

Quality System Implementation

Currently, the University is involved in a certification process for the implementation of the Internal Quality Assurance System for all of the University Centers. We have obtained the following implementation certificates from the National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation (ANECA):


The Quality Committee was appointed by the Rector of Comillas Pontifical University and has been charged with the following duties:

  • To design, organize, decide and evaluate the actions and experiences that maximize the effectiveness of the University's policy on quality.
  • To monitor the University's Quality Management System.
  • To annually report on its activity to the University's Governing Board.

This Committee consists of:

  • Chairman: Vice-Rector for Chair and Academic Affairs
  • Board members:
    • Quality Officers for each of the University Centers (DUTIES)
    • One member from teaching and research staff
    • One member from staff working in administration and services
    • Two student representatives
    • Director of the Quality Assurance and Prospective Studies Unit
    • Director of the Data Processing Office
    • Director of the Degree Certificates and Transcripts Service
  • Secretary: Technical officer from the Quality Assurance and Prospective Studies Unit

Minutes from Quality Committee meetings


The Monitoring Committees for degrees are delegated by the relevant Faculty Board and they are responsible for the Quality Assurance System for the degrees. Members of the monitoring committees for the official degree programs at Comillas Pontifical University can be found below:


  • Quality Policy: Overall aims and approach adopted by the University with regard to quality, formally expressed by the Rector.
  • Targets and Indicators: Exercise in strategic reflection on the part of the Management of each Centre to prioritise the main lines of work for the next academic year.
  • Quality Manual: The founding document of the Quality Management System, which describes the general nature of the lines of action the University plans to take in response to European university guidelines on quality.
  • Procedures: Comillas Pontifical University has created a Process Map, which identifies all processes related to activities within the Internal Quality Assurance System, and the connections between these processes. Click on each of the processes that are listed below to download the corresponding procedure (Internet Explorer version 11 or other browsers).
  • Forms: Supporting documents that show the results of the activities. Once these forms are completed, they are stored as records within the system and serve as proof that the described activities have been performed. The forms relating to procedures are available on the Comillas Intranet (folder Shared documents - AUDIT).

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