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Pointing out the value of Europe's cultural heritage

Comillas hosted the first meeting of the project EUPeace, Our Cultural Heritage


1st meeting of the project "Our Cultural Heritag "e

3 April 2024

Comillas Pontifical University hosted the first meeting of "Our Cultural Heritage", one of the ten projects awarded in the EUPeace pilot call for projects. The meeting was attended by Felix Teichner and Tobias Heuwinkel from the University of Marburg; Michaela Stark and Solvejg Lange, from JLUGiessen; Jesenko Hadzihasanovic, from the University of Sarajevo; Tino Tomas and Mirko Rasic, from the University of Mostar, and Guillermo Reher and Elisa Pérez Avellán, both from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (Comillas CIHS), as part of Comillas.

The project is led by Felix Teichner, from the University of Marburg, with the participation of, in addition to Comillas, the University of Giessen, the University of Sarajevo and the University of Mostar.

This initiative aims to highlight the value of the European cultural heritage and to carry the need for its conservation to students through different activities related to all types of heritage: material culture, intangible culture and natural heritage. All of them remind us that we have a common past, reinforcing the unity of our systems and ensuring the continuity of traditions and diversity.

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