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Participating in the IMISCOE 2024 Spring Conference

The IMISCOE 2024 Spring Conference on "Mobilities and Immobilities in an Era of Polycrisis" was held in Istanbul, Turkey, from 17-19 April 2024.


20 April 2024

The IMISCOE 2024 Spring Conference took place on 17-19 April 2024. This event, entitled "Mobilities and Immobilities in an Era of Polycrisis", is organised by the Migration Research Centre of Koç University (MiReKoç) and was held in Istanbul, Turkey. In addition, this conference also commemorates the 20th anniversary of MiReKoc123.

The focus of the conference is to explore the intersection between multiple overlapping crises and mobilities. These crises can be political, economic, health-related or environmental. The particularity of contemporary poly-crisis situations is their unprecedented scale, their multitude, their speed and their overlapping nature, which makes them even more interconnected with migration. Migration decisions and trends are affected by these crises, and the conference seeks to analyse how they relate to each other.

Yoan Molinero Gerbeau, represented IUEM. Together with leading representatives from various universities, different topics were discussed, including: Global Economy, Polycrisis, Financial Crisis, Stages of Migrations, Climate Change, Human Mobility, etc.

One of the highlights was the presentation of the application for institutional membership by the Centre on Forced Displacement at Boston University, a proposal that was approved by the Executive Committee.

In addition, requests for changes to the Standing Committees were discussed, demonstrating the dynamism and adaptability of IMISCOE.

We are excited to continue contributing to the dialogue and collaboration in the IMISCOE network!

For more details of the conference, please click here.

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