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International Women’s Day at Comillas

This testimonial and symbolic act aims to show the university’s commitment to gender equality

International Women’s Day at Comillas

International Women’s Day at Comillas

8 March 2023

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Comillas Pontifical University, through the Office of the Vice‐Rector for Students and Alumni and the Service of the University Community, has commemorated International Women's Day with a symbolic act in which women linked to this institution have shared their stories with the attendees, mainly in their professional field.

Clara Martínez, Vice Rector for Students and Alumni at Comillas, was in charge of opening the event and defined the act as “very necessary”. She also explained that “with this event we are taking part in a very special moment in the history of our university”. The Vice Rector wanted to emphasise the university's commitment to the fundamental right to gender equality. “This is a testimonial and symbolic act, important to know and show where we are headed”.

Clara Martínez’s speech was followed by the testimonies of the different women who made up the #ComillasWomen round table. Lucia Halty, lecturer at Comillas CIHS, founder of the app Sperantia and alumni; Catalina Perazzo, Director of Social and Political Advocacy at Save the Children Spain and alumni; Paz Gómez, co-creator of the app Brainvestor, on investment and financial psychology; and Mónica Montero, writer and student of International Relations and International Communication at Comillas CIHS.

 In the field of entrepreneurship, Lucía Halty shared her experience with the Sperantia app and stressed the “moral duty to put knowledge at the service of society”. This belief is precisely what drove her to create this free psychological care app during the confinement caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. From the field of solidarity, Catalina Perazzo, talked about her university experience and linked it to the way in which it has helped her to be where she wants to be today. She mentioned her international exchange, her experience in university volunteering and her participation as a collaborator in the Chair in the Rights of the Child at Comillas. Catalina highlighted “the key role of the university in social change”.

For her part, in the field of innovation and understanding it “as the capacity to introduce changes wherever you go”, Paz Gómez spoke to the attendees about entrepreneurship, technology, psychology and coaching. She shared with the attendees the different stages on her entrepreneurship journey. Paz stressed the importance of purpose and a leadership with values. Lastly, in the field of creativity, the student Mónica Montero analysed the role, often made invisible, of some women writers, and highlighted some relevant female literary figures who were disruptive in their time.

The commemoration of the International Women’s Day at Comillas ended with a meeting of #ComillasWomen at both Alberto Aguilera and Comillas CIHS campuses.

Furthermore, Comillas has joined the Spanish universities’ 8M Manifesto, brought by CRUE.

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