Day of Good Treatment and Care

Comillas is firmly committed to promoting good treatment among the university community

Day of Good Treatment and Care

Day of Good Treatment and Care

1 March 2023

Mutual care is good for everyone, for those close to us, and also for those who are not so close. In our family, at work, in the Church and at university, we all like to be treated well and cared for when we need it. That is why, on 1 March, the Society of Jesus has established the Day of Good Treatment and Care, a day to remind us to treat each other well in all circumstances.

The idea of the culture of good treatment is part of a process that began more than three years ago with the creation of the Safe Environment area in the SJ Province of Spain.

But what is good treatment? In his notice to the whole province on the celebration of the Day of Good Treatment and Care, Provincial Head Antonio España, SJ, points out that "it consists of approaching others with empathy, understanding, respect, tolerance, acceptance... And doing so not only because it is a legal imperative or a basic universal ethical norm for social coexistence, but as an expression of a feeling that has to spring from us and become a natural and perennial habit in our way of relating to one another".

“At Comillas, as part of the Company, we also want to promote and have this culture in all our relationships and behaviours”, confirms Clara Martínez, Vice Rector for Students and Alumni at the university. She says: “Good treatment is much more than the absence of bad treatment because it shows guidelines for action in our relationships that put the integral development of the person at the centre, caring for and protecting them as individuals and as part of a community.

"Good treatment implies respecting and guaranteeing the rights that emanate from the dignity of each individual and promoting their integral wellbeing (relational, subjective, material…) in a framework of coexistence, in our case in Comillas. There can be no promotion or integral development of the university community if it does not occur in each of its members”, concludes the Vice Rector.

Good treatment at Comillas
Caring for the individual, always at the centre, guides all actions at Comillas. For this reason, the university is firmly committed to guaranteeing and promoting good treatment among each and every one of the members of the university community, as demonstrated by students, lecturers and staff in the following video:


This commitment translates into personalised attention (to students, alumni, Administration and Services Staff and Teaching and Research Staff), in listening and participation in matters that concern us, in integration of diversity and respect for the essential equality of all people. Therefore, this commitment translates into promoting coexistence, well-being and human quality within the university and transversely.

"This requires individual actions that make us identify and understand our way of being and working at Comillas, but it also requires an institutional and community reflection that creates an appropriate environment to encourage it. The latter is a transversal approach throughout the university and takes the form of a wide range of actions (training, awareness-raising, prevention, attention, etc.) aimed at all the groups that make up Comillas", says the Vice Rector.

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