Second day of “Juntos construimos Comillas”

The engagement session for the university workers revolved around well-being, self-care and gastronomy


Second day of “Juntos construimos Comillas”

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The Office of the Vice-Rector for Students and Alumni and the Office of the Vice-Rector for Organisation and Digital Transformation organised the second day of “Juntos construimos Comillas”, held last Friday. It revolved around well-being, self-care and gastronomy.

José María Ortiz was in charge of welcoming the nearly 200 people who filled the activity's capacity, and who gathered in the tent set up on the Cantoblanco campus to enjoy a day of engagement.

The topic chosen by Julio de la Torre, director of “San Juan de Dios” University School of Nursing and Physical Therapy for his opening speech was "What is self-care and why is it important for our health", in which he talked about the importance of looking at and taking care of oneself, in order to give the best of oneself to others.

The participants were divided into two large groups to enjoy both "wellness stands". The first one, "mind-body connection", revolved around self-care. Cristina Peñalba, from Comillas Contigo; Maciej Krajewski and Roberto Pérez, from Comillas Bienestar, were in charge of guiding the experience. In parallel, the second activity addressed home care and personal care. It presented zero waste initiatives, the analysis of actual and imposed needs, and digital disconnection, led by Inés Rigal, founder of "Ser manglar" and alumni of Comillas.

Then, gastronomy took centre stage, with a team building competition, led by lecturers from MOM Culinary Institute and lecturers from Comillas, and sponsored by Madrid Culinary Campus, the new gastronomic campus of Comillas and Vocento.

The day ended with the “summer cup”, called by the rector. Every member of the Administration and Services Staff and Teaching and Research Staff was invited.