Comillas and Educsi formalise their collaboration with an agreement

The university and the network of Jesuit schools in Spain work together on numerous projects


educsi agreement

Enrique Sanz, SJ, rector of Comillas, and Antonio Allende, SJ, delegate of Educsi


Comillas Pontifical University and Educsi, the network of educational centres of the Society of Jesus in Spain, have signed a collaboration agreement, which formalises the relationship between the two institutions. The initiative, which stems from the network of schools, will allow for the consolidation and expansion of their relationship. Comillas is the first university to sign this type of agreement.

The rector of Comillas, Enrique Sanz, SJ, and the delegate of Educsi, Antonio Allende, SJ, met at the university to sign the agreement, celebrating the cooperation between the two institutions and expressing their joy at the common work.

Both institutions have considered it convenient to establish a collaborative frame that regulates their institutional relationship, and allows them to take advantage of and enhance their teaching, methodological and technical resources; the development of activities and studies on problems and topics of common interest; the establishment of educational cooperation programmes, like internships, and other activities that facilitate the training of future professionals and the retraining of those who are in practise.

Nowadays, the general lines of cooperation, without prejudice on future ones, are educational and academic cooperation, research projects and studies on social problems, technical and consultancy studies, research and technological development and innovation projects, cooperation in the developing world and cooperation in European programmes. The agreement therefore covers both the initiatives from the university and the ones from the network of schools.

Network of schools

The Society of Jesus has more than four and a half centuries of educational experience and a worldwide network of 4,000 educational centres. The network of non-university educational centres, Educsi, is spread throughout Spain in 31 cities and 27 towns.

Educsi divides the organisation of its centres into four zones: the southern zone, with 32 on-site centres and the Radio ECCA Foundation; the central-northwest zone, with 14 schools; the northern zone, with 10 schools; and the eastern zone, with 13. In total, it serves more than 80,000 students in face-to-face education and almost 40,000 in distance education. The teaching staff is made up of 6,000 teachers distributed among the 69 on-site centres and Radio ECCA, for distance education.