New DBA in Management and Technology

An innovative new program aimed at experienced professionals, combining Management, Technology and Humanities

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Presentación DBA

Teresa Corzo y Antonio Muñoz en la presentación del DBA

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (Comillas ICADE) and the School of Engineering (Comillas ICAI) have joined together to offer the DBA in Management and Technology, a program aimed at professionals with extensive experience, who wish to update their training in Technology, Management and Humanities. It is an innovative degree, which combines advanced training courses with research and innovation, and leads to the Degree of Doctor of Business Administration (DBA).

Participating in the official presentation of the program were Eduardo Schwartz, a Professor at Simon Fraser University (Vancouver) and UCLA Anderson School,  the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (Comillas ICADE), Teresa Corzo,  the Director of the School of Engineering (Comillas ICAI), Antonio Muñoz,  the Dean of the Faculty of Law (Comillas ICADE), Iñigo Navarro, and the Director of the DBA Program, Carlos Bellón.

Presentación DBA

"Our society and our companies need new leaders," stated Antonio Muñoz, and it is precisely with them in mind that this program has been designed, a very different program, in which the selection of candidates is of great importance: "we are looking for a specific profile, individuals with extensive leadership experience, as we would like to take advantage of that experience to further innovation and contribute to update their skills”.

Teresa Corzo explained the difference between the traditional Doctorate or PhD and the DBA, which was created at the Harvard Business School, and focuses on the field of Business. "While the purpose of the PhD is to pursue an academic career, that of the DBA is to foster applied innovation and to obtain knowledge, although it may also qualify degree holders for the teaching profession," said the Dean.

The DBA Program is designed for professionals with management experience, and its objective is to foster applied innovation

In the opinion of the Dean of Law, reality is so complex that, without technological, economic, legal and philosophical analysis, it cannot be fully understood. “We are searching for people who would like to take on new leadership and move forward to respond to new problems, with new solutions which will impact the world we live in,” he remarked.

"The most important aspect is the combination of Management, Technology, Humanities and Ethics," said the Director of the Program, Carlos Bellón.  He also emphasized the faculty members as, "experts in executive education, professionals of recognized prestige and, at the same time, academics who are recognized in their field."

Eduardo Schwartz, who began his career as an Engineer and transitioned to Management, is today a leading researcher in various areas of the field of Finance. In his presentation, he highlighted the value of lifelong learning which, as in his case, can allow for professionals to change careers and leave their mark on society, in anything ranging from consulting to the academic world.