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“Podrás acceder a puestos de responsabilidad en organizaciones internacionales”

What is the Master's Degree in International Development Cooperation?

The University Institute of Studies on Migration (“IUEM”) organizes this master's degree since 1997. Throughout this period of time, the IUEM has trained highly qualified professionals to carry out their professional career in the field of International Development Cooperation.

This Official Master's Degree in International Development Cooperation, which is multidisciplinary and develops professionals skills, also offers an initiation to research, providing access to the Doctoral Degree in International Cooperation. In any case, with this degree you will acquire the necessary skills to work in national and international organizations, both public and private, NGO’s and NGDO’s, regardless of itinerary they choose. Currently, our graduates occupy positions of responsibility in a large number of these International Development Cooperation agencies.

With this Master’s Degree, you can will be able to carry out internships in Chile, Peru, Kenya and Cameroon

Comprehensive education and training of students is completed by providing the opportunity for them to carry out internships in public or private organizations, allowing them to make contact with the real world of International Cooperation and Development Aid. The students of this Master's Degree will also have the possibility of carrying out these internships, by requesting experiences as summer volunteers in Peru and Kenya. For former students, this includes the possibility of requesting internships in Chile, Peru and Cameroon.

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  • A wide offer of professional internships is available
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All you need to know


Admissions Process


Admission process:
- Register online admission portal.
- Fill out the application to file and download the online admission test.
- Deliver documentation, online admission test and the application printed and signed in person or by post / courier to the Service for Academic Titles, University General Registrar´s Office of the Universidad Pontificia Comillas.
- Process for final decision on admission: upon receipt of the application and documentation, the University will proceed to entrance exams and to deciding on each candidate's application.
- Communication of the final decision on admission: the final decison on admission will be notified to applicants both by post and e-mail. Candidates may also track the status of their application through the Admissions Portal.

Admission criteria:
Criteria for admission and the weight given to each requirement are the following:
- Academic record (40%).
- Resumé and cover letter. At this point professional experience in the field of migration will be taken into account in order to compensate deficiencies regarding recommended academic profile (up 30%).
- Knowledge of different languages appropriate for the Master´s Degree, at a, B2 european level (up 15%).
- It is necessary to take an entrance exam for access to these studies, consisting of a commentary on a text concerning a current article on Migration issues (up to 15%).
- Admission on to the Maste´s Degree r is competitive. In each case an average of at least 7 of the 10 points in this weighting of scores is required.

Academic authorities responsible for the admission process: Director and Academic Coordinator of the Master's Degree.

Diversity Attention Unit


Important Dates


Admission application filing period:
until September 18, 2023.

Information Sessions and University Open Days:
You may consult the dates for the next Information Sessions here.

For more information
Leave your contact information here.

Classes begin on:
September 20, 2023.


Applicant Profile/Requirements and Documentation


Candidate profile:
The Master's is aimed at all kinds of graduates, recent graduates students, academics, professionals from the business world, researchers and and staff of international organizations who wish to acquire more professional knowledge and improve their professional skills in the field of International Migration and Human Mobility as well as students who wish to develop their capacity for research in this field.

It is a multidisciplinary Master's Degree, with professional competences, which also offers an introduction to research that allows access to a specific doctorate doctorate in the field.

Admission requirements:
- Possession of a Bachelor's degree or an equivalent.
- Have a good academic record.
- Previous professional experience in international migration will be assessed.
- Knowing at least one other language, preferably English.

Information notice on the documents to be submitted


Information on Fees, Payments, Grants and Scholarships


€7,679 broken down into:
Course fees and registry's administrative fees: €2.249.56
The rest is paid in 8 installments of €678.64 each.
10% discount for Comillas Alumni.

Study grants


Contact Information


University Institute of Studies on Migration
Comillas Pontifical University
C/ Alberto Aguilera, 23 - 28015 Madrid
Tel. (+34) 91.542.28.00 Ext. 2429

Master Director:
Mercedes Fernández

Master Coordinator:
Tomás Castillo Crasto


Apply for Admission


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Application for admission

Who are you going to study with and what are you going to learn?

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Humanitarian aid 2.4 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Design, monitoring and evaluation of cooperation projects 3.2 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
The international cooperation system 4.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Development approaches 5.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Ethics of international and development cooperation 3.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Organisation management and development cooperation programmes 3.6 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Professional Skills 2.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Migration and development cooperation 2.4 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Sustainable development objectives 5.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Development cooperation programmes in the field of education 2.4 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Vulnerable subjects 3.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
ELECTIVES: PATHS (choose one)
Communication and advocacy 8.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Economy for Development 8.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
External Internship 6.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Final Master´s Degree Project 10.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
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Campus IBS Comillas


Alberto Aguilera, 23.

Established in 1994 as a center specialized in research and teaching in this field, to respond to the complexity and the political and social transformations produced by this migratory event.

The IUEM is made up of an interdisciplinary team that includes researchers and teachers from different disciplines of the social and human sciences.



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