Master's Degree in Environment and Energy Transition

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1st Call: 11/01/2021 to 17/05/2021
2nd Call: 18/05/2021 to 27/08/2021

15 places

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1 year / 60 ECTS

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"Acquire the necessary training to lead the industrial transformation towards a greener economy, which is less dependent on fossil fuels".

What is the Master's Degree in Environment and Energy Transition?

In the current industrial context, all sectors are required to evolve to a situation that allows for the promotion of economic, social and industrial development, under a new social awareness and respect for the environment, sustainability in decision-making, and efficient strategies in the use of resources and energy at all times. For this reason, companies need employees with a technical profile, adapted to a general vision, with the capacity to make decisions and to design strategies that permit development within a new environmentally responsible and energy-sustainable context. The Master's Degree in Environment and Energy Transition was designed so that its students are trained specifically in this new profile, required and sought after by companies, subsequently making them natural leaders in the process of Environmental and Sustainable Energy Transition.
The Master's Degree in Environment and Energy Transition program has been designed to develop the skills and capabilities inherent to both degrees in one year. Work and effort is permanently guided by professors and tutors. In addition, students are in permanent contact with companies, whose employees participate as professors and faculty members, while offering full-time internships, including opportunities in international contexts.

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With this program you will acquire a unique profile and you will lead the transition that all companies are seeking to achieve.

Valentín Alfaya Master director

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Admissions Process


Criteria and Process for Admission:

Admission is the responsibility of the Director of the ICAI School of Engineering, assisted by the Sub-Commission Delegated for Admissions.

- The Sub-Commission Delegated for Admissions is composed of the Director, the Coordinator of the Master’s Degree and the Academic Deputy Director. When necessary, advice will be sought from the Directors of the Department involved in this Master's Degree.

The application for admission must be submitted within the period indicated for that purpose, in a standardized format, and accompanied by all documents certifying compliance with the requirements for access to the Degree.

If the profile of the candidate does not meet the recommended requirements for the Degree, as a result of any absences in compliance with the necessary documents for access to the studies, further and supplementary courses may be required for prior training before admission to the Degree is granted.

Criteria for Admission to the Degree:
- Academic Transcript, which implicitly includes the suitability of the studies carried out (70%)

- Letters of Recommendation, Curriculum Vitae, Letter of Recommendation from outside the University and, if applicable, an optional Personal Interview of the candidate with those responsible for the Master´s Degree. Other relevant information concerning the candidate's academic and professional career should be submitted. At this point, professional experience in the sector will be taken into account in order to compensate for any deficiencies with respect to the recommended academic profile. If necessary, an interview with the candidate will be held by the master’s director and coordinator (20%).

- Knowledge of the English language, accrediting at least a B2 European level. Not having this minimum level could lead to non-admission to the program. (10%)

If the student interested in joining the program has some type of physical disability, he / she may obtain information and personalized assistance available in the Social Work Unit. This University Service is in charge of developing, among other responsibilities, a Program of Attention for Students with Disabilities, with a Social Worker in charge of the actions to be implemented. Information on this program is accessible on the web page, where you can familiarize yourself with the resources and technical and social aid available to help you to participate fully in University life, depending on your specific needs. The document "Entrance Exam Adaptation Request" is available there, on which you can specify your needs during the admissions process.


Important Dates


Submission of applications:
1st Call for Applications: 11/01/2021 to 17/05/2021
2nd Call for Applications: 18/05/2021 to 27/08/2021

Open Day:
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Classes start on: September, 1, 2021


Applicant Profile/Requirements and Documentation


Profile for Admission to the Degree:
Candidates must be a Graduate or be in possession of a Master´s Degree in Engineering and Environmental Sciences, with an excellent academic transcript and a minimum level of English at the C1 European Level. An interview will be conducted with all candidates.
In compliance with academic regulations, those who meet the following requirements will be eligible for access to the Master´s Degree in Environment and Smart Energy Management:
- The natural profile for admission to the Degree is that of Graduates in Electromechanical Engineering and Graduates in Industrial Technologies from the ICAI School of Engineering, together with Graduates in Industrial Technologies from other Engineering Schools that comply with the provisions of Section 4.2 .2 of the Annex of Order CIN / 311/2009 (Degrees that Enable for the Exercise of the Profession of Industrial Technical Engineer).
- Moreover, access to the Master's Degree will be permitted for Graduates in other fields of Engineering, whenever the Bachelor´s Degree of candidates complies with the provisions of Section 4.2.1 of the Annex to Order CIN / 311/2009. In this case, supplementary courses to previous education and training may be required of candidates.
- Likewise, those who are in possession of any other Bachelor's Degree related to the contents may gain access to this Master's Degree, provided that they complete any requirements deemed to be necessary in the form of supplementary courses to their previous education and training.

Requirements for Access to the Degree:
Be in possession of an Official Spanish University Bachelor´s Degree or another Degree issued by an Institution of Higher Education of the European Higher Education Area that enables candidates for access to Master's Degrees, as indicated in the profile for admission to the Degree.
Be in possession of a Degree in Engineering, Architecture or of a Bachelor´s Degree, in accordance with the University System prior to that established in RD 1393/2007, as indicated in the profile for admission to the Degree.
Have training in any of the areas of specialization of the Master’s Degree. This training may be compensated for in the form of professional experience.


Criteria for Admission:
• Academic Transcript in the Degree that gives access to the Program (70%).
• Cover Letter, Curriculum Vitae and Letter of Recommendation from at least two University Professors or Professionals who have had extensive and proven contact with the and if necessary an eventual interview with the master´s director and coordinator (20%).
• Accreditation of English at the B2 European Level, its equivalent or higher (10%).

Informative note on the documentation to be submitted


Information on Fees, Payments, Grants and Scholarships


Total fee for the Master´s program (1 year) €12.690.
If you are an alumni, you are entitled to 10% discount.

Study grants


Contact Information


Future Students Office

C/ Alberto Aguilera, 21 - 28015 Madrid
Tel.: +34 91 540 61 32

Fax: +34 91 559 65 69

Please, check our office hours here

Person Responsible for the Program:
Director MEET:
Valentín Alfaya Arias
Carlos Morales Polo


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1st Term
Air polllution and treatment 3.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethics and Governance 1.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Efficient energy conversion systems 3.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Energy Efficiency in Buildings 3.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Environmental Law and Standards 1.5 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Life Cycle Assessment and Footprints 3.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Renewable Energy Sources and Integration 4.5 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Sustainable Development Agenda and Circular Economy 2.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Water Pollution and Liquid Effluents Treatment 3.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
2nd Term
Environmental Economics and Sustainable Finance 2.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Internship 6.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Master Thesis 6.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Numerical Modeling in Energy Systems 3.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Numerical Modeling in Environmental Processes 3.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Sustainable Transition Strategies 4.5 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Smart Cities and Smart Industries 4.5 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Soil Pollution and Depletion 3.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
Solid Waste Management and Valorization 4.0 ECTS ICO/DESCARGA
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