Master's Degree in Cybersecurity

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1st Call for Applications: 29/11/2019 to 15/05/2020
2nd Call for Applications: 16/05/2020 to 04/09/2020

20 positions

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1 year / 60 ECTS

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“Receive the necessary training to build a highly demanded professional profile”

What is the Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity?

In an environment of continuous digital transformation, dominated by an increasing number of cybersecurity attacks and toughening regulations related to privacy and data protection, the demand for engineers with a good training in cybersecurity is huge and in constant growth.

The Master in Cybersecurity of ICAI responds to the real needs of the different sectors where security is one of the fundamental pillars of the business, in a scenario where cybersecurity directly impacts any sector of activity, size and type of organization, and even on a personal level. This program has been created at the request of the collaborating companies to cover the needs in all security aspects that each sector finds most relevant. It is a master's degree mainly face-to-face, with the participation of ICAI's own faculty and the best security specialists from all business sectors, the public administration, and the state's security forces

This program allows you to apply for paid internships in relevant companies; this helps to finance the master's degree and guarantees the good quality of master's thesis, which will have an important component of real application. This program also provides the basic knowledge to qualify for certifications in different areas of security.

Hands-on training, in collaboration with relevant companies

Not only it is suitable for undergraduate students who wish to complete their training in cybersecurity, but also, given its prominent practical orientation, is suitable for the continuing education of professionals who already work in different fields of engineering and want or need to become specialists in cybersecurity.

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What makes us different

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Obtain the training in cybersecurity demanded in the world

Rafael Palacios Professor Comillas ICAI

All you need to know


Admissions Process


Criteria and Process for Admission:
With regard to the Committee that will carry out the admissions process for this Master´s Degree:

- Admission is the responsibility of the Director of the ICAI School of Engineering, assisted by the Sub-Committee Delegated for Admissions.

- The Sub-Committee Delegated for Admissions is composed of the Head of Studies of the Master´s Degree and the Academic Deputy Director. When necessary, advice will be sought from the Directors of the Departments involved in the Master's Degree.

The application for admission must be submitted within the period indicated for that purpose, in a standardized form, and accompanied by all of the documents that prove compliance with the requirements for access to the Degree.

In the case of applicants who have not obtained their Bachelor´s Degree in our School, the student must submit a CV, a letter of intent and two letters of recommendation, along with the application form for admission and the aforementioned supporting documents. In this case, the Sub-Committee Delegated for Admissions may request an interview with the applicant.

There is no specific entrance exam for the Degree; in any case, if the profile of the candidate does not meet the recommendations for access to the Degree, admission may require supplemental training courses prior to acceptance.

Criteria for Admission to the Degree:
- Academic Transcript, which implicitly includes the suitability of the studies carried out previously and the prestige of the university of origin (80%)

- Letters of Recommendation and, if applicable, optional Personal Interview by the candidate with those responsible for the Master's Degree

- Other relevant information on the candidate's academic trajectory and professional career (10%)

- Knowledge of the English language, accrediting at least a B2 European Level (10%). If applicants do not have this minimum level, they may not be admitted to the program.

If the student interested in joining the program has some type of physical disability, he / she may obtain information and personalized assistance available in the Social Work Unit. This University Service is in charge of developing, among other responsibilities, a Program of Attention for Students with Disabilities, with a Social Worker in charge of the actions to be implemented. Information on this program is accessible on the web page, where you can familiarize yourself with the resources and technical and social aid available to help you to participate fully in University life, depending on your specific needs. The document "Entrance Exam Adaptation Request" is available there, on which you can specify your needs during the admissions process.


Important Dates

  • Submission of applications:
    1st Call for Applications: 29/11/2019 to 15/05/2020
    2nd Call for Applications: 16/05/2020 to 04/09/2020

  • Classes start on: September 7, 2020


Applicant Profile/Requirements and Documentation


Applicant profile

Graduates in Industrial Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mathematical Sciences or Physical Sciences, with an excellent academic record and with previous programming knowledge in at least one of the programming languages (Matlab, C / C ++, Java , R, Python, ...). Minimum level of English B2 is also required.

In the case of applicants who have not obtained their Bachelor´s Degree from our School of Engineering, students must present:

- Application Form for Admission, duly completed
- Curriculum Vitae

- Photocopy of the D.N.I. (National I.D.) or Passport

- Degree (Legally Validated in the case of Foreign Degrees)

- Academic Transcript

- Certificate of English Proficiency (if available)

- A Letter of Intent

Informative note on the documents to be submmited


Information on Financial Aid, Grants and Scholarships


Total fee for the Master´s program (1 year)12.690 €. If you are an alumni, you are entitled to 10% discount.

Study grants


Contact Information


Information and Student Welcome Office
C/ Alberto Aguilera, 21 - 28015 Madrid
Tel.: 91 540 61 32
Office hours: From Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 13:30
From Monday to Thursday from: 15:30 to 17:30

Person Responsible for the Program:
Rafael Palacios


To Apply for Admission


Are you convinced about studying this master´s degree? You need not wait any longer!

Application for admission

Who are you going to study with and what are you going to learn

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Annual Subjects
Master Classes. Cybersecurity by Sectors 6.0 ECTS  
1st Term
Industrial Cybersecurity and Critical Infrasturcture 3.0 ECTS  
Cryptography, Digital signature and Blockchain 6.0 ECTS  
Governance, Risk and Compliance 6.0 ECTS  
Machine Learning 6.0 ECTS  
Mobility Security Management 3.0 ECTS  
Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Management 3.0 ECTS  
2nd Term
Privacy and Hacking Ethics 1.5 ECTS  
Artificial Intelligence Applied to Cybersecurity 4.5 ECTS  
Regulatory and Legislative Framework. Data Privacy 3.0 ECTS  
Monitoring, Detection and Forensic Analysis 3.0 ECTS  
Application Security 4.5 ECTS  
Data Center and Cloud Security 4.5 ECTS  
Master's Thesis 6.0 ECTS  

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1er Semestre
Sustainability and Circular economy 2.0 ECTS  
Air pollution and treatment 3.0 ECTS  
Energy engineering 7.5 ECTS  
Smart Cities & Smart Industries 4.5 ECTS  
Soil pollution and depletion 3.0 ECTS  
Energy Efficiency in Buildings 3.0 ECTS  
Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Ethics 1.0 ECTS  
Numerical modeling in Energy Systems 3.0 ECTS  
2o Semestre
Water pollution and liquid effluents treatment 4.5 ECTS  
LCA and footprints 3.0 ECTS  
Numerical modeling in Environmental Processes 3.0 ECTS  
Solid waste management & valorization 4.5 ECTS  
Sustainable transition strategies 6.0 ECTS  
Master Thesis 6.0 ECTS  
Internships 6.0 ECTS  

International Internships

Students will carry out a period of Business-related Internships, assisting in the management of real projects at Gestamp sites worldwide. Internships will be remunerated. This Master's Degree Program will be taught in English because of its international nature.

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