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Semester Programme: Marketing and Management

The main goal of this programme is to prepare international students to act on the challenges of globalisation in the 21st centurym while honing their Spanish language skills. It focuses on the economy, international marketing strategies, competitive analysis and effective human talent management.

Dates: From January 15th to April 26th, 2024.

Business management course
Business management course

Why study this course?

  • You will learn how to face the challenges and opportunities of the globalised economy.
  • You will see the tools needed to make informed decisions in critical areas such as economics, marketing, strategy and people management.
  • You will understand the business world and its constant change and evolution.
  • You will improve your Spanish skills

A 19-ECTS diploma will be awarded

Course content

Spanish and World Economy

  • Structural transformations of the Spanish economy.
  • Flows: output, income, expenditure and foreign sector.
  • Analysis of the global crisis 2007-2014 and the covid-19 crisis.

International Marketing

  • The international expansion of the company.
  • Selection of foreign markets.
  • Ways of accessing foreign markets.
  • International marketing mix: standardisation versus adaptation.
  • International marketing mix: product, price, distribution, promotion.
  • Organisation of the international company.

Strategic management

  • Strategic analysis.
  • Strategy formulation.
  • Strategy implementation.

People Management

  • Creating the environment: the importance of people and the management of their relationships in the organisation.
  • The employment function, recruitment and selection of people.
  • High performance HR policies: training.
  • High performance HR policies: professional development.
  • High performance HR policies; performance evaluation.
  • Remuneration and compensation.

Spanish Language and Culture Course

Course description

  • Duration: 15 weeks.
  • Credits: 19 ECTS.
  • Language: Spanish.
  • Place: C/Alberto Aguilera, 23, Madrid.
  • Requirements: students who are studying for a degree, preferably between the second and third year. A minimum certificate of B2 in Spanish will be required. Students will be given the opportunity to take a Spanish level test at COMILLAS before starting the course.
  • Enrolment: to carry out this procedure, please contact(comillas.internacional@comillas.edu).
  • Enrolment deadline: until December 15th.
  • Price: 4.028 Euros.


Comillas Pontifical University does not have its own accommodation, but offers alternative accommodation options for students of the university.

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