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Vulnerability in art

Prof. Bert Daelemans, SJ, PhD, from the Faculty of Theology, was invited to the Interdisciplinary Seminar of the SMEMIU research group, within the Master's Degree in Cathedrals of UNED

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Prof. Bert Daelemans, SJ, PhD, during the Seminar

25 March 2024

Last Wednesday, March 20, 2024, the Professor of the Faculty of Theology, Bert Daelemans, SJ, PhD, was the guest speaker at the Interdisciplinary Seminar organized by the Master of Cathedrals of the UNED, with the SMEMIU research group and in collaboration with the Iberoamerican Association for Teaching Innovation (IDI).

The online seminar was entitled "Vulnerability in art", where Professor Daelemans presented the main keys of his work La vulnerabilidad en el arte. Un recorrido espiritual (PPC 2021) and offered points of dialogue to deepen with the attendees.

Professor Bert Daelemans holds a PhD in Theology from the Department of Dogmatic and Fundamental Theology and is a recognised expert, among other disciplines, in contemporary religious architecture and the mystagogy of liturgical space.

The full Seminar is available below in open access:

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