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Environmental ethics facing the evil of ecocide

Faculty of Theology Professor Jaime Tatay, SJ, PhD, publishes this 'Open Access' article in the Journal Cauriensia

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The full article is available in open access

22 January 2024

Professor Jaime Tatay Nieto, from the Department of Moral Theology and Praxis of Christian Life, is PhD in Theology, co-director of the Chair of Science, Technology and Religion, and a recognised expert in environmental ethics and the social doctrine of the Church.

He has now published an article entitled "Environmental ethics facing the evil of ecocide" in the Journal Cauriensia (vol. 18 (2023), pp. 693-708, ISSN: 1886-4945 - EISSN: 2340-4256). We offer the abstract:

This article analyzes the way in which the various currents of ecological ethics, or ecoethics, have conceptualized environmental degradation and biodiversity loss and affirms that their most dramatic expression —ecocide— is an evil. In dialogue with theological ecoethics, I argue —in the face of the danger of moral monism that often permeates the ethical debate on sustainability— the desirability of adopting a pluralistic vision in which the various modes of ethical reasoning converge to denounce the evil of ecocide. 

Keywords: extinction, ecocide, environmental ethics, evil, science and religion, Laudato si'.

The full article is available in open access by clicking here.

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