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Summer course: Introduction to the Digital Economy

Digitalisation is producing massive transformations in personal interactions and production processes. At the business level, digital disruption can generate a myriad of positive impacts that materialise due to reduced communication costs, massive data analysis, opportunities for process optimisation and reduced barriers to entry into new markets. All of this presents the potential to innovate, develop new business models, reduce costs and increase revenue streams and productivity.

Dates: From June 24th to June 28th, 2024.

Introduction to the Digital Economy
Introduction to the Digital Economy

Why study this course?

  • You will learn about the actors that make up the digital environment and the interrelationships between them.
  • You will understand the main fundamentals of the digital economy.
  • You will understand the basic functioning of the markets that form part of the digital economy.
  • You will discover the effects of digitalisation on society.

A diploma will be awarded by the University!


  • Introduction (0,2 ECTS)
  • The digital ecosystem in perspective (0,2 ECTS)
  • Markets, pricing strategies and competition in the digital economy (0,4 ECTS)
  • Platform economics (0,4 ECTS)
  • Digital innovations (0,4 ECTS)
  • Digitalisation and Society (0,4 ECTS)

Course description

  • Duration: 1 week (20 hours).
  • Credits: 2 ECTS.
  • Language: English.
  • Place: C/ Alberto Aguilera, 23, Madrid.
  • Requirements: Candidate profile and approach to a potential market: students with an interest in technology, those who want a professional future associated with the tech industry or the world of innovative entrepreneurship such as that carried out in the startup ecosystem. Students interested in this area to learn about its application in different sectors of activity, strategy, forms of financing or in both areas. Previous qualifications required to access the degree: undergraduate students, preferably in their second or third year. The course will be taught in English, so an official English language certificate of at least B2 is required.
  • Enrolment: to register, please contact(comillas.internacional@comillas.edu).
  • Registration deadline: until 15 May.
  • Price: 400 Euros. Early Bird Discount until April 15th: 20% off the course price.


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