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Towards a consciousness of European citizenship?

Professor Julio Martínez, SJ, PhD, from the Faculty of Theology, participated as a speaker at the International Conference organised by the Paul VI Foundation

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Prof. Julio Martínez, SJ, PhD, during his speech

24 April 2024

Last Monday, 23 April 2024, the international conference "Nation-building and internationalism in Christian social thought: Towards a participatory European citizenship", organised by the Paul VI Foundation, took place.

The event was attended by bishops, professors and experts on the subject. For his part, Professor Julio Martínez, SJ participated in the final debate of the conference as an expert in Public and Moral Theology.

Professor Martínez delved into the relational keys of Christian anthropology and the contribution of the values of the European mentality in the face of the crises that have occurred, especially in legal issues and those of the Member States. Professor Martínez's proposal, he explained, involves recovering the founding values of the European Union, where solidarity and community based on the dignity of the person become capable of overcoming borders and seeing the dignity of the other.

The full debate is available on the YouTube channel of the Paul VI Foundation:

Professor Julio Martínez Martínez is PhD in Theology, from the Department of Theology of Moral Theology and Praxis of Christian Life, and a recognised expert in disciplines such as the relationship between religion and public life, religious freedom or citizenship and migration.

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