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Incoming Students

Cursos internacionales
Cursos internacionales

We welcome you

If you would like to study for a period of time at our University, you can do so by participating in an Exchange programme for a semester or a full academic year or by enrolling in one of the International Courses at Comillas.

Contact us: cgonzalez@comillas.edu

Cursos internacionales
Cursos internacionales

How do I come to Comillas as an exchange student?

You have been selected by your home university to carry out an exchange at Comillas, either within the framework of a European programme such as Erasmus+ or through a Bilateral Agreement.

The Coordinator of your University must send us an email with your nomination including your name and surname, passport number, email address, area of studies and period of the exchange.

Each academic year the universities will be informed about the opening dates of the nomination period.

Once we have this information, you will receive a message with a username and password, as well as instructions from the International Coordinator of the Faculty, which will allow you to access the computer application and complete the online application.

Comillas will send the acceptance letters to the Coordinator or to the International Service at your University.

Academic information
Academic information

Academic information

The Spanish university system: explanation of the Spanish education system.

Subjects available: as a general rule, the Centres do not share subjects with each other. The selection of courses should be restricted to the offer of each centre.

Orientation day

Comillas organises an Orientation Day for all students prior to their exchange, which provides general information about the University and the different university services. In addition, the International Relations Coordinators of each Faculty or School provide specific information on enrolment procedures, choice of subjects, etc.

Classes in Spanish

Level test: Students who wish to take the subject "Spanish as a Foreign Language" must take an on-line level test. The password to access the test will be sent by e-mail. You will receive the results of the test, together with the level in which you will be placed, by e-mail.

Start of classes: Spanish classes normally start on the Monday following the Orientation Day. The course has a duration of 50 hours (6 ECTS credits) which are spread over the semester. Classes are adapted to all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Further information.

Language exchange: In addition, the Comillas Institute of Modern Languages has created a language exchange programme so that foreign students can practice Spanish and Spanish students can practice other languages. The only requirement for enrolment is that the student has an e-mail account with the University.

To register for the exchange, the student must provide the information requested by the programme. Once registered, the student will be able to access the database and search for students interested in setting up exchanges in any language combination requested. Normally the learner will offer their mother tongue and search for a foreign language (e.g. Spanish - English).

You can narrow the search further to search for exchange students by Faculty or School, age, gender or the semester during which they will be studying at the University. After the search, you will see a list of names with the characteristics you have selected. When you click on the name, an e-mail window will appear with the student's address so that you can write them a message and establish initial contact. You can write to as many people as you wish.

The programme also allows the learner to unsubscribe at any time he/she wishes to do so.

Medical cover and insurance

It is imperative that international students who are not covered by the Spanish social security system come from their respective countries with complementary insurance against illness, hospitalisation, accidents, civil liability and repatriation and, depending on the case of each student, covering the entire period of their stay at Comillas Pontifical University.

No student may enrol or attend classes without the required insurance.

International students who are covered by Spanish social security must arrive in Spain with a complementary insurance policy to cover civil liability and repatriation.

Students from the European Union: in order to have access to Social Security services in Spain, you must have a European Health Insurance Card.

This document has been valid since 1 June 2004 and does not need to be exchanged for any other document. With this card you can go to the INSALUD clinic closest to your home.

There is a medical service at the University available to students who need it. Temporarily interrupted Sorry!

The opening hours are as follows:

  • Alberto Aguilera 23: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9.30 am to 11.00 am.
  • Cantoblanco: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11.30 am to 1.00 pm.

Emergency telephone number for foreign students.

The University has a 24-hour Emergency Telephone Service that provides international students with personalised attention in case of emergencies.

Information of interest

Information on  theCOVID-19 coronavirus

Formalities for residing in Spain

Banking: Bank transfers can take 15 days if the bank in question does not have a branch in Madrid. If the bank in the country of origin has a branch in Madrid, the transfer usually takes only 3 days.
Credit cards can be used everywhere. The most common are VISA and AMERICAN EXPRESS.

Living in Madrid: Here are some links to websites where you will find information about the city of Madrid: public transport, shops, restaurants, leisure areas and cultural activities:


Madrid Regional Transport Consortium

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Discover Madrid

Rates for student exchanges EU exchanges

Rates for student exchanges non-EU exchanges



Comillas Pontifical University does not have its own accommodation, but offers alternative accommodation options for students of the university.