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Open calls for registrations from 19/02/24 to 30/06/24

Specialist in Biblical Spirituality online

Analyses the Bible as nourishment for the spiritual life

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What can Specialist in Biblical Spirituality online offer you?

After more than 20 years of experience offering the degree in face-to-face format, the Faculty of Theology wants to offer this same title of Specialist in Biblical Spirituality Online, to reach those people who, due to their geographical distance or their work or life situation cannot attend in person.

The title of Specialist in Biblical Spirituality Online is aimed at those who wish to base their spiritual experience on the sources of the Word of God and, to do so, want to study the entire Bible (OT and NT) which, for the Church, is "the soul of Theology" (DV 24). In this way, biblical faith experiences will be discovered which, from the salvific events lived by the people of God and the followers of Jesus Christ, have marked Christian spirituality.

Students of the Specialist in Biblical Spirituality Online program will be able to follow the classes given by the lecturers of the face-to-face program, either in real time (synchronous bimodality) or at another time, as the classes will also be recorded. The bimodal class follow-up is complemented with readings, study materials and exercises, to ensure the correct assimilation of the classes and their personal deepening. Each subject is assessed by means of a final exam, written or oral, in telematic format, or by means of written work.

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    Teología (Comillas CIHS)
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    Comillas degrees
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    A distancia
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    2 years (48 ECTS)
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What makes us different?



Publications, in 5 years, of the Faculty of Theology



PhD teachers, 40% of whom are ANECA/ACAP accredited.



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It offers a rigorous and spiritual vision of Sacred Scripture as the source from which Christian experience flows.

Study Plan


An international respite

International mobility programs allow students to study for a period of time at a foreign university, either in the European Union, through the Erasmus+ Program, or at universities in other countries with which Comillas has signed a Bilateral Agreement.


Everything you need to know

Objectives and methodology


  • To offer a rigorous and spiritual vision of Sacred Scripture as the source from which the Christian experience flows.
  • To encourage a spiritual experience rooted in the Bible that allows us to deepen our relationship with God through the Word.
  • To contribute to the spiritual formation of people capable of animating and encouraging Christian groups and communities.
  • To form pastoral agents who help other people to mature in their relationship with God.
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