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The Institute for Research in Technology (IIT) is committed to digitalisation and innovation in networks

The IIT at Comillas ICAI took part in an event for digitalisation and innovation in networks to boost essential services

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19 April 2024

The Institute for Research in Technology (IIT) of the School of Engineering participated in the Smart Grids INNOVA 2024 conference to contribute to the vision of developing new lines of innovation in grids. José Pablo Chaves, deputy assistant director of the IIT, took part in a round table where he highlighted the need to encourage innovation in the sector, emphasising the fundamental role of new human incorporations for the efficient development of technological infrastructures.

The Smart Grids INNOVA 2024 conference, organised by i-DE, Iberdrola's distribution subsidiary in Spain, was attended by associated companies, suppliers, universities, technology institutes and organisations from the Madrid region. The various presentations addressed the topic of smart grids, and how they are facilitating the transition to a greener and more electrified economy, enabling greater integration of renewable energies, as well as supporting the development of electric vehicles, efficient heating systems such as heat pumps, smart cities and energy self-consumption.

Efigenio Golvano, Iberdrola Spain's institutional delegate in the Community of Madrid, welcomed the conference, highlighting the inevitable future where we will be "called upon to use technology to bring all the benefits of the energy transition to citizens". Next, Miguel López-Valverde Argüeso, Minister of Digitalisation of the Community of Madrid, underlined the crucial role of public administrations in this transformation.

From the business perspective, Marta Castro, Director of Regulation at the Association of Electricity Companies (Aelec), and Jaime Flores, Deputy Director of Innovation, Development and Innovation at Canal de Isabel II, both recognised the opportunity provided by innovation as a tool to provide a better service to customers.

Representing the Community of Madrid, Rafael García González, Deputy Minister for the Environment of the Community of Madrid, and Carlos Sierra, Director of Transport Services of the EMT, talked about the boost that the networks provide to the community's infrastructures.

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