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Well-being and sport as the basis for a holistic education

Comillas hosted the first meeting with representatives of UNIJES working in this field


23 January 2024

Comillas Bienestar, the area of Comillas Comunidad that is responsible for promoting healthy habits throughout our university community through a varied and adapted offer of physical activity and sport, organised the first meeting at Comillas with representatives of UNIJES on wellbeing and sport.

The aim is to create a collaborative network between all the people working in this area, within the Spanish universities of the Society of Jesus, and to establish this meeting as a regular event, rotating through each of the universities that make up the network of universities of the Society of Jesus.

This first meeting was chaired by the Vice Rector for Alumni and Students, Belén Urosa, and by the Executive Secretary of UNIJES, Enrique López Viguria, during which the heads of Campus Life, Bienestar and Deportes of the university centres presented their organisational structure, their management model and the activities they carry out to promote welfare and sport in their centres.

During her speech, the vice-rector acknowledged the importance of this type of activity. "Sometimes we think of the university only as the academic part. However, your services accompany students towards an integral formation, which is one of the distinguishing features of Jesuit education," said the vice-rector.

The meeting was attended by Roberto Pérez, Alberto Giménez and Víctor Delgado, from Comillas; Eva Morta Konrad, from ESADE; Fernando Asenjo and Guillermo Ranero de Régil, from the University of Deusto; Marc Garcia Cebrián, from IQS; Antonio Arellano and José Hierro, from Loyola University; Manuel Lucena Zurita, from SAFA, and Jorge Caballero from INEA.

All the attendees agreed on the importance of holding this type of meeting to promote relations and collaboration between universities of the Company as well as to share ideas to improve the service provided to each university community in the field of welfare and sport.

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