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The Mayor of Tres Cantos visits the Cantoblanco campus

The municipality and the university will collaborate on cultural and educational activities


20 March 2024

The mayor of Tres Cantos (Madrid) Jesús Moreno, accompanied by the second deputy mayor and councillor for Culture, Elisa Lidia Miguel Águeda, and the councillor for Education, Marisa Peña, visited the Cantoblanco campus of Comillas Pontifical University, where studies in Humanities and Social Sciences and Theology are taught, to see the facilities first hand and to establish a collaboration between the municipality and the university in cultural and educational activities.

The Vice-Rector for Alumni and Students, Belén Urosa, together with the Dean of the Faculties of Theology and Canon Law, Francisco Ramírez Fueyo, SJ; the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Susanne M. Cadera; the Director of the Comillas Alumni Service, Virginia Tolín, and the Director of Comillas Comunidad, Irene Maestre, were in charge of receiving and accompanying the institutional representatives on their tour of the university.

The visit also served to finalise the signing of an educational cooperation agreement for the practical training of Comillas students at the Tres Cantos Town Hall.

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