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"Gift and task of the ordained ministry. Its spirituality in the light of the Ignatian Exercises".

Professor Eduard López, SJ, PhD, of the Faculty of Theology, has published this work by Editorial BAC on the Ignatian proposal for priestly spirituality

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The book can be purchased from the Editorial BAC website.

17 January 2024

Professor of the Faculty of Theology and of the University Institute of Spirituality, Dr Eduard López, SJ has published Don y tarea del ministerio ordenado. Su espiritualidad a la luz de los Ejercicios Ignacianos (2023, ISBN: 978-84-220-2318-0) from the Editorial de la Conferencia Episcopal Española BAC (Biblioteca de Autores Cristianos).

Professor Eduard López Hortelano has a PhD in Theology, belongs to the Department of Moral Theology and Praxis of Christian Life and is an expert in Ignatian spirituality, among other disciplines.

The following is a summary of the work:

500 years have passed since the conversion of Ignatius of Loyola. Between his house-tower in Gipuzkoa and Manresa, a change of outlook took place in a man who had ideals and horizons and who, nevertheless, under the auspices of God's favour, allowed himself to be affected by him.

This is not only a book for Jesuits, but for any priest who wishes to let himself be led by Christ, leaving behind "nets and chains" (Ex 142). How might the Ignatian way of proceeding help to live priestly spirituality today? The Exercises are a school of prayer and discernment and, in this case, are offered to renew the vocation to the ordained ministry.

The book is structured in five chapters, which cover the most basic contents of the Exercises. The aim is to grow in the invitation to follow Christ, to go out of ourselves in order to walk apostolically towards others and towards God. This is where the deepest meaning of things lies, the why, the how and the who. Will there be answers? Maybe or maybe not. The fundamental thing is to live the priestly life as a gift and a task, that is to say, as an exercise.

The book can be purchased from the Editorial BAC website, by clicking here.

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