International Mobility is a highly recommended component of any prestigious Doctoral Research Program. Doctoral students, in consultation with their supervisors, must identify the most appropriate opportunities for mobility for their research from among the existing possibilities.

International Mention

The Degree of Doctor may include an International Mention under the following conditions:

  • During his or her doctoral studies, the student spends at least 3 months carrying out research or studies at a renowned higher education institution or research institution. This stay and activities must be guaranteed by the supervisor and authorized by the Academic Committee and will be add to the doctoral student's Activity Report.
  • Part of the doctoral thesis - at least the abstract and the conclusions - must be written and presented in one of the habitual languages of scientific communication in the student's field of knowledge other than any of the official languages of Spain. The international distinction cannot be awarded if students have spent their research visits in Spanish-speaking countries, and the reports are issued by Spanish-speaking expert doctors.
  • A minimum of two experts belonging to a non-Spanish higher education institution or research institute must submit a report on the thesis.
  • At least one member of the examination panel must be an expert with a doctoral degree and belong to a higher education institution or research center from outside Spain. This expert cannot be the same person as the individual who was in charge of the study visit.

The thesis must be defended at the URV or one of its affiliated research institutes. In the case of joint doctoral programs, it must be defended at any of the participating universities or respect the stipulations of the collaboration agreements.

International Co-Direction

The thesis can be carried out under an international co-direction, when the following conditions are met.

  • The thesis is not part of a joint program.
  • The thesis has been supervised by two or more doctors from two universities, a Spanish university and a foreign one.
  • During the training period required to obtain the PhD, the student must have spent at least six months at the international institution doing research work, in either a single period or several periods.
  • Both universities must have signed a co-direction agreement establishing the co-direction of the thesis by both doctors, the activities to be carried out by the doctoral student and the terms of the stay at the international institution.

Comillas Pontifical University has an extensive network of agreements for cooperation with universities around the world, some of which also cover Mobility for Research. The university also participates in multiple international university networks.

However, it should be noted that mobility for Doctoral research is not governed by the same procedures and criteria as those for mobility in Undergraduate Degrees or Master’s Degrees. In this case, it is essential to have direct contact and personal relationships, from either students, or their supervisors, with researchers from the host universities. It is through these personal relationships that the possible mobility of students must be managed, so that the lines of research of interest for all parties, including the supervisor at the host university, are clearly identified.

Comillas Pontifical University has financial aid/or and grants available for student mobility, subject to contractual relationship requirements with Comillas or other conditions. In addition, students may receive other types of aid, grants, etc., either public or private.

Procedure for Mobility in Doctoral Studies