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Chair in Forced Migrants and Refugees

The Chair in Forced Migrants and Refugees supported and sponsored by INDITEX forms part of the University Institute of Studies on Migration (IUEM) of the Comillas Pontifical University.

Forced migrants and refugees are one of the collectives that best represent the gaps and opportunities in the new global setting. The Chair, in line with the Comillas Pontifical University, was established with the idea of discovering and responding to said reality from its specific academic stance, while maintaining permanent contact with the social agents that work in this field.

The interdisciplinary aims of the project are to undertake theoretical and applied research on the issue in question, the development of collaboration and joint work between social organizations and agents that work with forced migrants and refugees, specialized training and, finally, social awareness and communication, particularly within the university setting. The scope of the project is national, European and international.

Juan Iglesias Martínez


Cecilia Estrada Villaseñor


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