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Summer course: CESAG | Sustainability: Activities in the natural and cultural environment in their educational, communicative and psychomotor aspects.

In the current context, profound social debates are taking place around the future of industry and the need to limit growth and reorient the economy and consumption towards sustainable options. It seems essential to approach citizenship education with the aim of promoting a new relationship between human society and its environment, in order to provide current and future generations with a fairer, more equitable and sustainable personal and collective development, which can guarantee the conservation of the physical and biological support on which it is based. The main objective of the course is to learn about and value the possibilities of cultural and natural heritage as a source of resources for the development of sporting, communicative and educational activities.

Dates: From 8 June to 12 July 2024.

Business management course
Business management course

Why study this course?

  • You will get to know the cultural and natural heritage of the island of Mallorca and learn to value it as a source of resources for sporting, communicative and educational activities.
  • You will create proposals for the interpretation of natural and cultural heritage.
  • You will become aware of the opportunities and benefits of the environment for the improvement of health, the link with your own context and the elaboration of educational and communicative proposals.
  • You will experience sporting practices in different natural environments.
  • You will use physical activity and educational experience for the acquisition of healthy habits as well as social and civic habits.

A diploma will be awarded by the University!

Course description

  • Duration: 5 days (30 hours).
  • Credits: 3 ECTS.
  • Language: Spanish.
  • Place: CESAG, C/Costa de Saragossa, 16, Mallorca.
  • Requirements: undergraduate and postgraduate university students and teaching staff.
  • Registration: to register, please contact(summerschool@cesag.org).
  • Registration deadline: until 15 May.
  • Price: the price of the course (without accommodation) is 775 Euros. Price of the course with half board accommodation (breakfast and dinner): 990 Euros.
    Alumni: 50 Euros discount on the initial price.
  • Accommodation: Casa Espiritualidad RR. Pureza de María, Valldemossa (Sierra de Tramuntana), Mallorca.

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Monday to Friday: from 9:00 to 13:30h., during the months of June, July and August.