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We celebrate the 22nd edition of the Awards Ceremony for the best End of Degree Projects at Comillas ICAI

Ten students were awarded for their innovative projects, together with the sponsoring companies


26 April 2024

The School of Engineering (Comillas ICAI) held the 22nd edition of the Awards Ceremony for its best End of Degree Projects. In a ceremony presided over by the rector of the university, Enrique Sanz Giménez-Rico, SJ, accompanied by the director of the school, Antonio Muñoz San Roque and the representatives of the sponsoring companies, the commitment, dedication, effort and work of the award-winning students were highlighted.

  • Alberto Martínez de la Riva received the Asociación Nacional de Ingenieros del ICAI prize for his project "Análisis y resolución de nuevos modelos dinámicos glucosa-insulina y células beta de orden fraccionario con retraso". His project was directed by Alberto Rodríguez Gómez and Francisco Javier Rodríguez Gómez.
  • The Axpo prize was awarded to Iñaki Aguiriano Guerra, who, together with his director María del Mar Cledera, prepared a project entitled: "Diseño y desarrollo de una planta de producción de biogás a partir de estiércol de ganado vacuno."
  • "Estudio de capacidad de conexión distribuida de vehículos eléctricos en redes urbanas", this is the name of the project carried out by Juan de Gracia de Dios, which was awarded the BP Chair for a Sustainable Net Zero prize. This work was directed by Carlos Mateo Domingo and Miguel Martínez Velázquez.
  • María del Rocío Beltrán de Heredia was awarded the Cátedra de Estudios sobre el Hidrógeno prize for her work "Influence of import dependence of synthetic fuels on the design of the European Energy System". A project she carried out under the direction of Julian Walker.
  • The Cátedra de Industria Conectada prize was awarded to the work "Training a Virtual Reinforcement Learning Agent for Obstacle Avoidance and Transferring It to a Real Mobile Robot" by Javier José Carrera Fresneda. This project was co-directed by Juan Luis Zamora and Jaime Boal.
  • Jaime Díez-Cascón received the Deloitte prize for his project, directed by Guillermo Estévez De Cominges, "Desarrollo de un sistema digital para la trazabilidad de la cadena de suministro de productos hortofrutícolas".
  • "Central solar híbrida CSP/PV integrada mediante bomba de calor de alta temperatura basada en ciclo inverso de Brayton con CO2 supercrítico", Arturo Martín Colino 's project received the Empresarios Agrupados award. He carried out this work with the help of Eva María Arenas and José Ignacio Linares.
  • Lorenzo Serrat received the Fundación Repsol award for his project: "Waste heat recovery (WHR) in a cement plant by means of an organic Rankine cycle (ORC)". The work was directed by José Ignacio Linares and Eva María Arenas.
  • Iberdrola awarded the prize to Emilio Juan Valdivielso for his work "Virtual synchronous machines - providing inertia in low-inertia RES power systems". A project he carried out under the direction of Likas Sigrist.
  • Álvaro Guerrero Gallego received the Management Solutions prize for his work entitled "TTrader Companion: Plataforma web para aprender y optimizar estrategias de trading algorítmico". A project directed by David Contreras Bárcena.

This event was, without a doubt, a well-deserved recognition of the great work of our students, who day after day have continued to improve themselves. Congratulations!

If you were unable to attend the event and would like to know more about our students' projects, we invite you to relive the event.

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