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We celebrate the first Career Coffee in Cantoblanco

The OPE service organised a session focusing on career opportunities in the translation, interpreting and communication sectors

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15 March 2024

Career Coffees are an initiative, promoted by the OPE Service, which aims to bring students closer to the professional opportunities that may be available to them once they finish their studies. Last week the first Career Coffee was held in  Cantoblanco. The event focused on career opportunities in the translation, interpreting and communication sectors and brought together more than 40 students

The main guests were students from the Bachelor's Degrees in Translation and Interpreting, the Dual Degree in Translation and Interpreting and Global Communication, the Master's Degree in Conference Interpreting, and the Dual Degree in International Relations and Global Communication. All of them had the opportunity to discover the possibilities that the future holds for them at the hands of companies such as Mc-Lehm and Brandelicious, who were represented by Comillas alumni, B-Leaf and ASTI SL.

During the conference, aspects such as the changes in the labour market that are taking place rapidly in communication or the disruptive moment that is being experienced with artificial intelligence in the translation and interpreting sector, where specialisation and the value of human capital are being promoted.

This initiative, which has already taken place at our Alberto Aguilera headquarters, will be held again in Cantoblanco, helping students to find out about their possible career opportunities and clearing up the great unknown that may be the future after university studies.

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