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"We will support Ukraine no matter what it takes and for as long as it takes"

The Spanish Ambassador to NATO at Comillas defended the important role of the Atlantic Alliance in global security

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Federico Torres Muro, Spanish Ambassador to NATO

12 April 2024

Federico Torres Muro, Spanish Ambassador to NATO, stated during his visit to Comillas Pontifical University that "we will support Ukraine whatever the cost and for as long as it takes", in a conflict that "will last longer than expected, which is stagnant and will acquire different features in the short term". During the inauguration of the conference "NATO: 75 years of peace and prosperity in the Euro-Atlantic space", organised by the Centre for Innovation in Law (CID-ICADE), Torres Muro defended that NATO has made the process of European integration possible, has deterred and has had beneficial effects for peace, economic prosperity and political and social stability.

The Ambassador and Dean of the Faculty of Law (Comillas ICADE), Abel Veiga, highlighted the significance of the institutions and alliances "at this complicated time" that we are experiencing in Europe and in which defence strategies must be rethought. "NATO is cooperative security in a world of global threats", as Paula Redondo, NATO programme officer, explained, adding that "the organisation is more necessary than ever".

The speakers referred to the Alliance's upcoming summit in Washington, which will be held in the US capital from 9 to 11 July. "It will serve to strengthen the transatlantic link and reinforce security," said Redondo, adding that "the priority is support for Ukraine; as long as it fights, we will support it. Now they are closer to NATO, but their membership will be discussed at the summit.

The conference held at Comillas brought together experts from Comillas and other Spanish universities, who dealt with issues such as the enlargements of the alliance, the role of Spain in NATO, the incorporation of Finland and Sweden, the relationship with the European Union and the threat from Russia.

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