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All the courses offered by Comillas Pontifical University, at both bachelor's and postgraduate level, are subject to admission requirements and admission criteria, whose details depend on the course:

The admission requirements basically relate to the candidate's previous academic qualifications which enable him or her to apply for admission to a particular course.

The admission criteria are related to the process of student selection for each course. For example, admission to degree courses at our University does not depend exclusively on your final A-level Assessment for University Access (or other forms of legally established access), but there is a wider set of tests that allows a more specific selection for each course. The admission criteria usually include: academic record of the candidate, letters of presentation from teachers, multiple-choice tests carried out at the faculty/school concerned, personal interview, etc.

The admission requirements and admissions criteria are defined for each course.

The bachelor's degree admissions process can be summed up in five chronological steps:

01Visit the Center on the Open Day. This step is not vital, but potential candidates are encouraged to get to know the centers, see the facilities, and collect additional information if they have visited previously.

02Apply for Admission. The process starts on-line, once a decision has been taken about which course the candidate wishes to apply for. If it is deemed necessary, an application for grants and financial aid from the University can be made at the same time as applying for admission.

03Take the Admissions Test for the center which offers the course. There is information on the web pages of the centers about what types of tests are used as well as samples of past papers from previous years.

04Notification and P.A.U. University Entrance Exam. At the end of May candidates will be notified about whether or not they have been accepted for the degree for which they have applied. Being accepted does not exempt them from sitting the P.A.U. University Entrance Exam which is a legal requirement for formalizing enrollment.

05Formalizing Enrollment. Once admitted the student must formalize his or her enrollment. The process starts on-line, but it is necessary to present the printed copy of the enrollment and the additional documentation in the Registry before the end of June. Classes start on the first Monday in September. The pre-university campus for students who want to integrate into university life more easily takes place in late August.