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Abuse and reparation: ecclesial mission and responsibility

Prof. Dr. Nurya Martínez Gayol participates as a speaker at the 1st International Colloquium on Church Abuse and Reparation, at the U. Alberto Hurtado (Santiago de Chile).

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Prof. Dr. Nurya Martínez Gayol, during her lecture

20 December 2023

From 20 to 23 November, in the Aula Magna of the Alberto Hurtado University in Chile, the I International Colloquium: Is it possible to repair abuses in an ecclesial context? Interpellations from interdisciplinary and experiential perspectives.

The processes of reparation of ecclesial abuses require a collective and profound examination of their understanding, exercise and main tensions. This examination needs to be developed from the experiences of victims, survivors, reparation agents and specialists from various disciplines, bringing together ecclesial and extra-ecclesial approaches, in order to move towards a social process that enables "experiences of healing, redress, justice, charity and mercy in the ecclesial context" (CECH, 2021, p.16). In this sense, the colloquium had two objectives: (1) to work interdisciplinarily on the notion of reparation for abuse in ecclesial contexts and (2) to articulate local and international experiences around these reparation processes.

The event was attended by national and international academics from disciplines such as history, law, psychology and theology, including Silvia Mostaccio, Juan Pascale Gay, Linda Ghisoni, Elizabeth Lira, Valentine Buck, María José Schultz and the lecturer from our Faculty of Theology, Dr. Nurya Martínez Gayol. On the other hand, testimonies of survivors and reparation agents were heard. The meeting allowed the articulation of joint reflections of singular value.

Professor Martínez Gayol participated in the conference on reparation as a mission and ecclesial responsibility, at the table entitled "Clues from the Holy Scriptures and Sacramental Theology".

Nurya Martínez Gayol, Professor of the Faculty of Theology, is a Doctor of Theology, belonging to the Department of Dogmatic and Fundamental Theology and an expert, among other subjects, in reparation and reconciliation.

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