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This Master's Degree will not be taught for the 2022-2023 academic year.

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"It offers an interdisciplinary vision of all areas of Bioethics"

What is the Official Master’s Degree in Bioethics?

The Official Master’s Degree in Bioethics, offered by the Faculty of Theology since the 1997-1998 Academic Year, is aimed at training professionals who seek a specialization for work in Bioethics. In this way, the possibilities for professional employment in Bioethics involve a wide variety of varied options, from being part of hospital Ethics Committees, both public and private, to carrying out research and teaching related to Bioethics.

The Master’s Degree in Bioethics requires class attendance and offers an interdisciplinary vision of all areas of Bioethics, including the Philosophical, Scientific, Legal, Psychological and Theological dimensions. Therefore, these studies are aimed at graduates, post-graduates and professionals in Medicine, Nursing, Law, Philosophy, Theology, Psychology or Pharmacology.

This Master’s Degree Program trains professionals who seek to specialize for work in Bioethics

The program has a wide range of Professors, specialists in the courses taught, with extensive domestic and international experience, who offer a very personalized style in their course teaching. In this way, the Official Master’s Degree in Bioethics, as an Official Degree, trains and enables students to analyze, systematize, reflect and contribute to Bioethical thinking which helps in further developing this discipline.

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Comments from our students on the Degree

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What makes us different?

Group 3


Personalized attention given to students

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Professors and faculty members with doctoral degrees

High percentage of active Professors with Doctoral Degrees; of them, 40% are accredited by ANECA / ACAP.

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Alumni network

Large number of alumni enrolled in Comillas Alumni

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Further training

Optional and complementary subjects.



Student satisfaction

Average rating of satisfaction with the Professorial staff (out of 10).

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Rate of success for students of the degree

High percentage of success and performance during studies.

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Admissions Process


Process for Admission to the Degree and Criteria
In addition to meeting the prerequisites for studies, it is required to have applied for admission correctly by following the instructions for enrollment, within the period designated for application, and to fulfill the criteria for selection established by the Commission for Admission to Master's Degree Programs. The final decision on admission is the competence of the Director of the Master´s Degree Program.

The requirements to gain admission to the Official Master´s Degree in Bioethics are the following:
- Prior professional experience in Bioethics will be taken into account (15%).
- Knowledge of at least one other language, preferably English, will be assessed (5%).
- An interview with the Director of the Chair for Bioethics will be carried out to assess interest, motivation and experience in Bioethics; during this meeting, information will be provided on teaching methodology, contents, professorial staff, supervised tutorial work, the final project for the Master's Degree, timetables and all type of questions or issues that candidates need to clarify (80%).

The following aspects will be assessed during the interview, and will be weighted as follows:
- Interest and motivation for studying Bioethics (40%)
- Previous knowledge in Bioethics (40%)
- Professional experience in Bioethics (20%)

The required level of languages will be a European Level B2.

The only criteria that are required to pursue studies in the Official Master’s Degree in Bioethics are those set forth above. There are no specific admission exams.


Important Dates


This master's will not be taught for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Information Sessions and University Open Days:
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Classes begin on:
October, 2023


Applicant Profile/Requirements and Documentation


Profile for Admission to the Degree:
The interdisciplinary nature of Boethics has meant that the Official Master’s Degree in Bioethics has always been aimed at diverse professionals in Medicine, Nursing, Law, Philosophy, Theology, Psychology, Pharmacology, etc. Throughout the years and various graduating classes, this diverse origin of fields of our students has been evident. Doctors, Nurses, and Theologians have predominated among our students in past graduating classes. The profile of incoming students has not changed throughout the years.

Requirements for Admission to the Degree:
Admission is open to all candidates who meet the following legal requirements:

- Be in possession of an official Spanish University Degree or another Degree issued by an Institution of Higher Learning from another country that is part of the European Higher Education Area that permits access to Master's Degree Programs.

- Likewise, graduates may gain access to the Degree, depending on the Educational System of origin outside the European Higher Education Area without the need for legal homologation/validation of their Degrees, after verification by the University that they accredit a level of educational training equivalent to the corresponding official Spanish University Degree, and that in the issuing country, they are entitled to access to Postgraduate Studies. Access by this route will not imply, in any case, the legal homologation/validation of the previous Degree of which the interested party is in possession, nor its recognition for other purposes than those of enrolling in this Master's Degree Program.

Informative note on the documentation to be submitted


Information on Fees, Payments, Grants and Scholarships


Fees for the program are € 6,216.90.
A 10% reduction is given for alumni.

In the Faculty of Theology / Canon Law, the Rector of Comillas may award grants or financial aid for studies in specific and justified cases. Those candidates who feel that they may be in this situation should contact the Office of Financial Aid.

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Contact Information


Chair for Bioethics at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Cantoblanco Campus
C/ Universidad Comillas, 3. 28049 Madrid

Future Students Office

C/ Alberto Aguilera, 21 - 28015 Madrid
Tel.: +34 91 540 61 32

Fax: +34 91 559 65 69

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